Provincial fifth inspection teams to the provincial editorial office feedback special inspections

according to the provincial unified deployment, July 7th, fifth provincial inspection teams to inspect the situation, do special feedback of leader Gao Xinrong behalf inspection teams to convey important instructions of provincial Party Committee on patrol work spirit, the feedback of the special patrol situation. Provincial editorial office director Ma Wenbang presided over the meeting and made a statement.

Gao Xinrong pointed out that the party since eighteen, the provincial editorial office around the provincial government work, careful planning and fulfill the task of reforming the organization, improve the management level, to provide a strong guarantee for the coordinated development of society and economy of our province, the cadres and the masses overall evaluation is good. In the inspection, inspection team found that the cadres and the masses to reflect some problems, mainly: the weakening of the leadership of the party, the party’s construction of lack of comprehensive strictly lax is not real, and fulfill the main oversight responsibility is not in place, the lack of leading cadres education management, lack of grass-roots party organization construction guidance; individual cadres in violation of the party’s political discipline, the investigation against the organization; some units within the system in violation of state regulations and related discipline, abusing power for personal interests, some of the city (state), the editorial office of the local government and the financial sector regulations to apply for subsidies, become detached from the management and supervision of the "account"; the individual area of editorial office kangaroo coffers, profligacy, a serious violation of discipline; implement the spirit and provisions of the central eight provincial government 21 measures ineffective, discipline violations have occurred, public funds overruns The problem is outstanding; the system of selecting and appointing cadres is lax. Meanwhile, the inspection team also received a number of leading cadres involved in the problem reflected in accordance with the relevant provisions of the relevant departments to deal with.

Gao Xinrong on behalf of the inspection team made three suggestions. A need to further strengthen the construction of the Party cadres and party concept, strengthen discipline rules consciousness, with the ongoing "two a" learning education, profound analysis, check, carefully combing the work of Party building problems, put forward rectification opinions. Two should perform comprehensive strict responsibility, strengthen the whole system, especially the education supervision and management level of editorial office of Party cadres, strict party six discipline, strictly enforce financial discipline, to correct the privilege of thinking, its own tendency and the "four winds" problem. Three, we should conscientiously implement the regulations on the selection and appointment of leading cadres of the party and government, and strengthen the building of the contingent of cadres.

Ma Wenbang said, this tour is the inspection group on a political examination, editorial office, inspection teams put forward opinions and demands, to seek truth from facts, profound, to adhere to the problem oriented, is to effectively guide the implementation of the two responsibilities ". The problem of inspection teams feedback, the provincial editorial office will sincerely accept, from politics, discipline, the height of the overall situation, seriously, the problems do not evade, do not shield their mistakes; the rectification work is not perfunctory, do not deal with; do not give, not as a mere formality of accountability. With a firm attitude, firm determination and effective measures, we should earnestly carry out the practical action of the full implementation of the rectification and transformation into the improvement of the work style, the promotion of work and the acceleration of development.


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