Remembering Larry King Through His 1999 Prince Interview [Full Video]

first_imgA nightly staple on CNN for decades, the ever-earnest King, in his trademark suspenders and thick-rimmed glasses, became a singular voice in the broadcast world known both for convincing the most interesting and influential figures from every corner of society—oftentimes, those who typically shied away from interviews—to appear on television and getting them to open up on camera.As The Associated Press noted in its obituary for Larry King, “King conducted an estimated 50,000 on-air interviews. In 1995 he presided over a Middle East peace summit with PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat, King Hussein of Jordan and Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. He welcomed everyone from the Dalai Lama to Elizabeth Taylor, from Mikhail Gorbachev to Barack Obama, Bill Gates to Lady Gaga.”Explained Associated Press Institute executive director Tom Rosenstiel, “King was one of the few people in broadcast history who basically created his own phenomenon. He didn’t need a network. The network needed him … He coaxed, rather than challenged, and the result, while not always groundbreaking, was always interesting and smart. His dirty little secret was he was a much more intelligent guy than he let on, and a much better listener than most people in television. But he really believed that his guest was the star, and his job was to help reveal that.”One of King’s more memorable interviews took place at the end of 1999, when the Artist Formerly Known as Prince appeared on Larry King Live following the release of his first conventional album in three years, Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic. While the “1999” tie-in made Prince an easy choice as a subject in December ’99, there was plenty of more timely subject matter to cover for the Artist than cute, chronological connections to the titular hit from his 1982 album. Over the course of the 35-minute interview, King cajoled the famously esoteric pop star into earnest considerations of his many against-the-grain decisions in the music industry and his personal life.King’s earnest questions and the Artist Formerly Known as Prince’s constant self-reflection, complex self-image, and soft-spoken repudiations gave the interview an unusual cadence. While Prince demurred many of King’s broad, “of the people” question premises, even the questions he declined to directly answer wound up providing unique insights into his complex persona.Early in the conversation, for example, King attempted to push Prince down one road (King: “You consider yourself an unusual personality…”; Prince, chuckling: “Depends…”) only to find himself in the middle of an even heavier topic, the thought process behind a global superstar changing their name mid-career, citing Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) as the only other example that came to mind.“That was one of the things that I dealt with,” Prince noted about the prospect of a famous person dropping the name that made them famous. “I really searched deep within to find out the answer to whether fame was most important to me or my spiritual well-being, and I chose the latter.”Prying on the notion of the “Artist Formerly Known as Prince” moniker as a media creation, King inquired, “How do you promote a symbol?” As Prince replied, “What we’ve found is, throughout the world, if you hold this [the symbol] and ask what they think of, they will say ‘Prince.’”While Prince once again brushed off King’s follow-up premise (King: “Could you tell us what it signifies?; Prince, chuckling: “Well, me”), Larry adjusted, goading him into an explanation of the origins of the symbol that had at that point replaced his name and the advantages and pitfalls of this highly unusual but attention-grabbing decision.This exchange, all of which took place before the program’s first commercial break, encapsulates what made King such a successful interviewer. He would go for the big topics but not apply too much pressure, instead remaining nimble to meet his subject where they were and converse on their level. In this short segment, using genuine interest and candor, King guided the rejections of the initial premises by his subject into genuine reflection on the topic he had been attempting to approach to begin with.The full 1999 Larry King interview with Prince moved forward in the same fashion. The interviewer continued to goad his subject into honest reflection on a range of topics, from his word-of-mouth rise to prominence in Minnesota to reconciling his sex-forward image with his religious faith to his long, fraught battles over publishing copyrights to why he started writing “slave” on his face to the inherent entropy of our world to his own classification of his music (“The only thing I could think of is ‘inspirational’”). All the while, viewers were treated to a rare look inside one of the most nuanced yet guarded minds in music history.Then, at the tail end, a surprise came in the form of a guests appearance by bassist Larry Graham (Sly & The Family Stone), who spoke about joining up with Prince to go on tour, adding an insider’s perspective to this rounded snapshot of the Artist at a notable point in his history.Revisit the full 1999 Larry King interview with the late Prince Rogers Nelson below:Larry King Interviews Prince Rogers Nelson – December 10th, 1999[Video: CNN] Larry King, a giant in the broadcast journalism world, died on Saturday, January 23rd at the age of 87 after having been hospitalized for COVID-19 in December.last_img read more

Factory Orders Up in US, Service Sector Growing

first_imgAddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to EmailEmailEmailShare to RedditRedditRedditShare to MoreAddThisMoreOrders to U.S. factories rose broadly in September, propelled by business spending on commercial airplanes, boats and machines. The Commerce Department said Wednesday that factory orders rose by 2.1 percent in September, the steepest increase since January.Other hints that the consumer economy may be improving:Consumer spending also rose by 1.0 percent.The U.S. economy’s service sector, the nation’s predominant employer, grew faster in October than in the previous month and posted its 10th straight month of expansion — a surprising uptick at a time when Wall Street analysts had expected a small drop.(READ the full AP story in NPR)AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to EmailEmailEmailShare to RedditRedditRedditShare to MoreAddThisMorelast_img read more

Shawnee, Johnson County renew plans to fund low-income housing rehab

first_imgShawnee has renewed its commitment with Johnson County to direct funds toward low-income housing. This year’s commitment brings about $100,000 in total to homes that needs rehabilitating, according to a June 25 memo from the city.The Shawnee council approved in a 6-0 vote Monday, June 25, a three-year memorandum of understanding with Johnson County that supports Shawnee residents who own low-income housing.Through this arrangement with Johnson County for 2019 through 2021, Shawnee residents can participate in the Johnson County HOME Consortium program, which allocates funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for rehabilitating low-income housing. This year marks the seventh time Shawnee has made this kind of arrangement with the county.The city’s community development budget this year already includes $19,300 to be allocated for the required 25 percent match for participating in the program, which is operated by the county.Cumulatively, Shawnee residents may receive up to 11 percent of the funds, or approximately $77,200, that Johnson County receives. That number is based on Shawnee’s population. As part of the agreement, Shawnee will provide a 25 percent match, which is required by HUD. Totaled up, about $100,000 is available for Shawnee residents.Johnson County receives funding from HUD for the program and is in charge of administering it. Council members Lindsey Constance and Mickey Sandifer were absent for the vote.last_img read more

A Smart Answer to the Season of ‘I’m Bored’

first_imgThe Wall Street Journal: When it comes to summer vacation, Victoria Lau works hard to keep her 6-year-old’s days interesting and full. The South San Francisco, Calif., stay-at-home mom sets a weekly activity plan, which includes regular swimming and karate lessons and everything from exploring the local library to crafting origami butterflies and mucking around with Play-Doh.Still, she says, Carter has already voiced the dreaded summer lament. “My son does get bored,” she says. “And I do get frustrated.”As summer begins, those two little words—”I’m bored”—can touch a raw nerve in parents, many of whom often chide their child for laziness, or blame themselves for failing to provide enough fun and stimulation.…New research suggests both conclusions are off-base. Kids who complain of boredom aren’t necessarily lazy or slacking off, but are actually in a tense, negative state, says a 2012 study in the journal Perspectives on Psychological Science. Frustrated and struggling to engage, they often find themselves unable to focus their attention or get started on satisfying activities.“We assign a lot of social meaning to boredom,” says John D. Eastwood, an associate professor of psychology at York University in Toronto, and lead author of the study. “When children complain of being bored, parents sometimes are threatened, thinking, ‘What’s wrong with you?’Read the whole story: The Wall Street Journal More of our Members in the Media >last_img read more

NEWS SCAN: US dengue rise, European link to US measles, biosafety lab guidance, global polio, hospital infections

first_imgApr 14, 2010Study says US dengue hospitalizations have risen sharplyResearchers from the University of Iowa estimate that the annual number of US hospitalizations for dengue fever more than tripled over a recent 8-year period, from 81 in 2000 to 299 in 2007, according to a report in Emerging Infectious Diseases (EID). The total number of hospitalizations during that period was estimated at about 1,250, with patients averaging 38 years old and spending a median of 3 days in the hospital. The authors said the increase is not surprising, given that incidence of the disease in dengue-endemic countries has increased in recent years and that many travelers enter the United States from the tropics each year. The authors derived their estimates by looking for dengue fever diagnoses in the National Inpatient Sample, described as the nation’s largest all-payer database of hospital discharges. The sample is maintained by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and includes 20% of all discharges from non-federal acute care hospitals. The authors say their findings indicate that the decision to make dengue a nationally notifiable disease in 2010 was warranted.Apr 13 EID reportSalt Lake County officials link measles case to EuropeSalt Lake County health officials have linked at least one of the area’s confirmed measles cases to European travel, Deseret News, based in Salt Lake City, reported yesterday. Since the first of the year several European countries have reported measles outbreaks, and yesterday the World Health Organization (WHO) issued a statement detailing them and urging international travelers to be vaccinated against the disease. Nicholas Rupp, spokesman for the Salt Lake County Department of Health (SLCDH), confirmed the link but did not reveal what country, according to the Deseret News. The SLCDH recently confirmed its first case of measles since 1997. The illness reportedly occurred in a high school student, which led to voluntary isolation of that patient and quarantine of unvaccinated students who may have been exposed to the virus. The Deseret News reported that five other measles cases have been confirmed, and that the initial patient had traveled to Poland.Apr 13 Deseret News storyIn a related development, Northern Ireland today warned families to have their children immunized with the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine before traveling to other countries. Dr Lorraine Doherty, assistant director of public health, said in a statement that Northern Ireland has had few cases, because the country has a high MMR vaccine uptake compared with other European countries, but she warned against complacency.Apr 14 Northern Ireland Public Health Agency press releaseAlso, the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) yesterday confirmed four more measles cases, raising its outbreak total to 17. Most of the cases have links to a young child who got sick with a rash after traveling to Kenya.Apr 13 MDH updateCDC launches competency guide for biosafety labsThe US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) today released competency guidelines for biosafety labs. They appear in a supplemental issue of Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR). Development of the core competencies started in early 2009 with a CDC steering committee that partnered with the Association of Public Health Laboratories to lead the effort. The new guidelines are designed for workers at all levels at the three highest biosafety levels (BSLs): 2, 3, and 4. Topics range from hazard recognition to workspace design. A 27-member expert panel developed the competency guide, which was reviewed by about 300 practitioners. The guideline specifics appear in appendix B of the supplement.Apr 15 MMWR supplementApr 15 MMWR supplement appendix BCDC report traces polio surveillance progress, setbacksAlmost one fourth of countries affected by wild poliovirus (WPV) in 2009 or 2010 failed to meet surveillance standards, according to a report published today in MMWR. The report, by scientists at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), is part of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative’s efforts since 1988 to track progress toward polio eradication. It said that 77% of countries affected by WPV in the last 2 years met national performance standards for surveillance of acute flaccid paralysis and that 13 of 22 countries with WPV outbreaks had underperforming regions, as did 2 of 4 countries with reestablished WPV transmission. In addition, five of six WHO global regions met targets for timely reporting of poliovirus isolation results in 2009, but only four of six regions met those criteria in 2010. The report also mentions that weekly sewage sampling in Mumbai, India, during 2009 detected “multiple” WPVs closely related to WPVs circulating in several other areas of India, but that testing in 2010 produced only one WPV-positive result. In Pakistan, monthly environmental sampling began in six cities in 2010 and produced 80 positive results among 157 samples tested, including in Karachi and Lahore.Mar 15 MMWR reportStudy: ICU interventions failed to reduce drug-resistant infectionsIncreased surveillance for bacteria and greater use of gloves and gowns failed to reduce the transmission of two important antibiotic-resistant pathogens in a randomized clinical trial conducted in 18 hospital intensive care units (ICUs), according to a report in today’s New England Journal of Medicine. The trial, sponsored primarily by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), focused on methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and vancomycin-resistant enterococcus (VRE). The aim was to determine whether actively screening patients for MRSA and VRE and increasing the use of gloves and gowns, along with hand hygiene, could reduce bacteria transmission compared with existing ICU practices, the NIAID said in a press release. The authors found no significant difference in infection events between the intervention and control groups. Trained monitors found that healthcare personnel in both groups used barrier precautions and proper hand hygiene less often than required, the NIAID reported. The authors concluded that reducing transmission of MRSA and VRE may require a combination of improved compliance with isolation precautions (recommended in some cases) and measures to reduce bacteria on body sites and in the environment.Apr 13 NIAID news releaseApr 14 NEJM abstractIntroduction to related NEJM editoriallast_img read more

Daily Postcard: Virginia Warbler On Barranca Mesa

first_imgHere the Virginia Warbler is seen in a pond at a residence on Barranca Mesa. Photo by Selvi Viswanathan Daily Postcard: A Virginia Warbler is spotted recently feeding on insects on a shrub at the edge of Barranca Canyon on Barranca Mesa. Photo by Selvi Viswanathanlast_img

Letters to the Editor Friday, Oct. 2

first_imgOnline lettersCommenters to online letters who fail to follow rules against name-calling, profanity, threats, libel or other inappropriate language will have their comments removed and their commenting privileges withdrawn.To report inappropriate online comments, email Editorial Page Editor Mark Mahoney at [email protected] In my opinion, The Gazette has fallen down, and it seems it cannot get up. I’m not sure if it is the virus or what but they had a good working system with the e-edition of the paper. You go online and get the paper every morning. It was in my inbox by 5:15 a.m. great, then they go and change the format without any notification to the customer (not so nice) so I cannot review the paper until I spend time on the computer, time on the phone and headaches that I did not need.It would be nice if we all got a reason for this happening for no reason.Michael BarbaruloScotiaSave our democracy from Trump. Vote.This election is about saving our democracy, which Donald Trump is destroying. He told us that if he loses, the election was rigged, and he will not agree to a peaceful transfer of power.He has declared mail-in votes to be a conspiracy against him and should not be counted (except for his mail-in vote). He hired a big donor to disrupt postal services to sabotage the mail-in votes.I was a lifelong Republican until the election of Trump, when the GOP abandoned me along with all of its former principles.The United States has enjoyed a peaceful transfer of power longer than any country. We used to be envied as a beacon of liberty. Trump has degraded and perverted everything that was good about our country.He, and every Senate and House Republican, took an oath to uphold the Constitution. They must condemn Trump’s dangerous behavior and insist on a peaceful transfer of power and that all votes will be counted.This is no exaggeration; just look to Hitler’s Germany or to Belarus today. The parallels are frightening.Trump wants to be a dictator; just listen to his own words. Vote to save our democracy.Kathy SiegGloversville Categories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionProtesters must call for end of violenceAnother shooting in Albany. How many is this now?It’s disheartening to turn on the news to see this happening. It’s such a tragedy that the 11-year-old boy from Troy was killed by a stray bullet from a drive-by shooting. A mother of six was murdered in Schenectady. Since people are protesting the unjust acts and that Black lives matter, why haven’t they brought their grievances to the streets, where these shootings are happening and protest there, too? They are shooting and killing each other, people.Hopefully, protesting in those neighborhoods would push the shooters out of Dodge.Cathy SerevinoSchenectadyPolitical discord has world laughing at usI am really concerned about how political all of the events taking place in our country are becoming.Whatever happened to being truthful and facing issues as they really are? The current discord that is taking place in this country is not only hard to believe, but disgraceful and disrespectful as well.With all of the mudslinging taking place in this country, it is not hard to imagine that people throughout the world now see the United States no longer united, but the laughingstock of the world.Joseph RownySaratoga Springs Santabarbara takes care of AmsterdamI’m thankful that Assemblyman Santabarbara has not forgotten the needs of our Amsterdam community though these difficult times.Angelo has always been around to help out when a water line needed replacing or our sewers were leaking. But I can honestly say he’s also been one of the few politicians that has actually been out to support us during COVID-19, so much that I’m used to seeing him with a mask on.I think it’s because he’s also one of the few local politicians that served in the military. So I’m not surprised to see him here again to make sure our water tank project is getting done even under the circumstances.No doubt these are not easy times for any city, but with Angelo here, we are still seeing important projects like this continue. I thank him for always taking care of our city even during the toughest of times.Thomas MarcellinoAmsterdamTonko cares about future of the planetWhen trying to make sense of the pressing issues leading up to Election Day, remember the long game: climate change.As we’ve seen, the impact includes loss of homes and property, rising healthcare costs, and social unrest. Though the impact is felt by all, the effect isn’t equal.Those with the least access to resources face inexorable challenges to mitigate and adapt to climate changes, cutting across age, race, socio-economic class, and gender.With this in mind, in the 20th Congressional District, Paul Tonko is the clear choice.As the co-chair of the Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition, Congressman Tonko promotes clean energy technology innovation, domestic manufacturing, the development of renewable energy, and the creation of new, quality jobs.He continues to fight the climate deniers by promoting climate issues in Congress. His opponent, Liz Joy, aligns herself with our science-denying president, and she neglects to address the biggest fight of all: the survival of our planet.When you figuratively pull that election lever, you’re literally choosing the path of our planet and everything on it. Think about the social, economic and humanitarian consequences of your vote. Choose Tonko.Caroline BrooksScotiaTrump backers try to silence dissentersLast weekend, in broad daylight, campaign signs for Joe Biden and for Tedra Cobb were stolen from my four neighbors’ and my front yards. And two signs for Elise Stefanik suddenly appeared on our corner. Signs for other Democratic candidates were left standing, indicating that the Trump/Stefanik ticket was responsible for this theft of private property while trespassing on private property. That’s a crime – evidence of more lawlessness by Trump’s Party, formerly known as Republicans.It’s not just the signs they want gone; they want to silence dissent, silence challenges to their intended path to authoritarianism. They say they support the military. Our military has been deployed to support democracy around the globe, American soldiers have died defending it. But democracy is now being undermined on Americansoil by Trump’s tactics of winning at any cost.Another neighbor has a Trump/Pence sign in front of his house. I would never think it my right to remove it. What kind of person thinks that’s OK? A Trump/Stefanik supporter, I guess. That’s why I’m voting for Joe Biden and Tedra Cobb.Patricia NugentHadleyPaper changed online format without notice Prove that absentee ballots are a scamThere are two ways that a ballot arrives at your house — You request an absentee ballot or by states sending ballots to all registered voters at the most current address on file.Some of those sent without request will be returned to sender marked “address unknown.” Others will be forwarded to the forwarding address that the post office has on hand.The process is vote, sign the seal, and return to the Board of Elections by the U.S. post office or by dropping it in the designated voting locations on early voting days or on Election Day.So your ballot is now in the hands of the Board of Elections, made up of equal parts Democrats and Republicans and their attorneys. They observe your signature and match it with the signature on file. If it matches the signature on file, they open the ballot and tabulate your vote. If the signature does not match, the vote is rejected.Our president claims mail-in voting is a scam. I am inviting scam believers to write a letter to the editor and explain how votes can circumvent the process we are all familiar with. I can’t figure it out, I don’t think you can either.Glenn GraySchenectadyDouble standard for Pelosi, DemocratsNancy Pelosi is the only person in this country who can get away with going to a hair beautician. She says she was framed by the beautician. I guess California makes special conditions for Democratic politicians.The whole state is closed for hair salons, but Pelosi gets anything she wants, her getting caught getting her hair done, excuse me just getting her hair washed. I guess she’s too stupid to wash her own hair.Now she wants the owner of the salon to apologize to her for the salon error. This woman hasn’t an ounce of morals in her body. I beg your pardon, the hair salon owner called Pelosi to please come get your hair washed. How ignorant is the Democratic public to believe she was set up? This woman has personally put a halt to new aid packages. She will not give an inch unless she can get funding for her foolish programs that haven’t a single thing to do with coronavirus funding. She’s holding up the trillion-plus dollars for small businesses, among other things. She’s the only one holding this fund from being given to people and businesses in need. She’s horrible to a degree to Congress.Kenneth BurkeRotterdamTonko has vision for upstate New YorkPaul Tonko is the rare politician who is both honest and an all-around nice person. This is evident in how he runs his campaign: in his recent social media posts you’ll see none of the name calling nor misleading/false comments that mark his opponent’s feed.Paul is also intelligent, having graduated from Clarkson with a mechanical and industrial engineering degree, and he has a clear vision on how to move upstate New York forward. He understands that the environment in which we live is important for our health and our economy.New York has three times as many clean energy jobs than there are coal-based jobs in the entire country. Tonko knows clean energy is the way to move our economy forward. His work to protect the environment in New York and the country will also secure more quality jobs for New Yorkers and Americans, both now and for our children’s future. Paul has plans to move us forward, (, and his message isn’t just rhetoric and baseless fear mongering. Paul Tonko has earned my vote, and I hope you also decide to make the rational choice and vote for Paul, who will invigorate New York and help bring us together.David GillikinWest GlenvilleThe left favors some lives over others The picture accompanying The Gazette Sept. 26 article (“Court nominee spurs reproductive-rights discussion”) is disingenuous.The picture depicted a male, pro-life activist marching in front of Planned Parenthood in Schenectady with a sign that read, “Men Regret Lost Fatherhood.” While that sentiment may very well be true for him and other men, that has nothing to do with the services that Planned Parenthood provides.For those unfamiliar with the goal of Planned Parenthood, this is their mission statement: provide comprehensive reproductive health care services in settings which preserve and protect the privacy and rights of each individual; advocate public policies which guarantee these rights and access to such services; provide educational programs which enhance understanding of individual and societal implications of human sexuality; promote research and the advancement of technology in reproductive health care and encourage understanding of their inherent bioethical, behavioral, and social implications.Nowhere is it stated that they want to deny men of becoming fathers, nor for that matter, women becoming mothers. Their goal is dedicated to bringing high-quality, affordable care to every member of their community.Becoming a parent should be a discussion between two consenting adults wishing mutually to bring a child into this world with the commitment to each other and to the unborn child to physically, emotionally, and financially support the child until they are of legal age. It may be regrettable to Mr. Protestor that he hasn’t had that conversation with another consenting adult, but it’s not the fault of Planned Parenthood.Susan DartBallston LakeWhy mess with a good government?I’m a long-time Saratoga Springs resident and love our town.We’re fortunate to live here versus anyplace else, at least anyplace else in New York state.I know that there are a lot of reasons for our city’s success, but any list must start with our responsive and accountable form of government: the commission form of government.When I have a problem, I just pick up the phone or send an email to the mayor or commissioner who is responsible for getting action. Their contact information is on the city’s website.But I don’t see a lot of local problems. The streets are paved regularly, snow is removed, leaves are picked up (unlike most towns), water is safe and plentiful, and city operations keep humming along. It only took the city one week to be back in business after the fire two years ago closed City Hall. Impressive planning.And I give credit to the mayor and commissioners for dealing with the pandemic and national business crisis. It scares me that our city would take the risk of tossing out our government and installing an out-of-town city manager with newbie ward politicians during this time of crisis. I’m voting NO.Rose TaitSaratoga SpringsSpa City version of three men in a roomWith no public discussion, not even Zoom meetings or press releases, the self-anointed charter change leaders were able to make the bad 2017 Saratoga Springs charter proposal much worse by one: adding wards, and two: enriching the future mayor.Wards mysteriously appeared on this year’s ballot, rejecting their 2017 charter change committee, which had decided against wards after discussing it in a public meeting.And the proposed mayor’s salary was increased by another $25,000 to an excessive $65,000 for a part-time job, again ignoring 2017 committee members’ research and recommendations.Official committee minutes reveal: “Jeff Altamari said he had read through NYCOM data and the average salary of a Mayor with the City Manager was $19,000.” Rob Kuczynski said “that $40,000 was too high for the Mayor’s position. He reminded everyone that we will have a City Manager to do the work.”Since the mayor’s responsibilities are identical with 2017, ask yourself: Did someone push for this much higher salary for themselves hoping to get $65,000 for a part-time job. One candidate seems to be maneuvering already.These two bad decisions that will make city government worse were made in a back room, rather than receiving public input. I’m voting No.Richard SellersSaratoga SpringsDon’t limit financial info to just TrumpOn your Sept. 28 front page article on Trump (“An editor’s note on the Trump tax investigation”) it stated: “We are publishing this report because we believe citizens should understand as much as possible about their leaders and representatives — their priorities, their experiences and also their finances.Every president since the mid-1970s has made his tax information public. The tradition ensures that an official with the power to shake markets and change policy does not seek to benefit financially from his actions.” In that quote, you morph from leaders and representatives to just the president.I eagerly await similar reports regarding Pence, Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, et. al. before the election.John EldridgeFly Creek Leftist media lies to promote agendaFellow citizens, it is time to wake up and let your voices be heard. Do not be intimidated.  We are being constantly played by the “infotainment” industry, which has become little more than the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party.What began as a melding of the entertainment and news industries has now permeated all aspects of entertainment from Hollywood and professional sports to social media.The phony pretense that we are being provided objective news reporting is long gone. Remember that the mainstream media is controlled by only a handful of people.Even this so-called “locally owned voice” publishes the propaganda from the New York Times and Washington Post almost exclusively.We are constantly lied to and misled to suit their agenda. They have pulled out all the stops to create an atmosphere of chaos, hatred, and despair. We are told the “protests are mostly peaceful,” while watching cities looted, burned, and destroyed. We are told Black lives matter, yet the Black on Black carnage in inner cities is ignored. We are constantly told that the right is sexist, racist, xenophobic, etc., yet it is the left that perpetually promotes division and identity politics. So much for judging people by the content of their character and the dream of a colorblind society.Remember that hate comes in many flavors, but in the end it’s all the same poison. You have a clear choice; you can embrace the hate, division and destruction of America or you can be part of the solution.Tony GaleaDuanesburgHow can pro-lifers back death penalty?In her Sept. 25 letter (“True Christians will vote for Trump”), Ms. Virginia DelGallo says “Vote for life in November. If you don’t, you’re not a Christian.” I would ask Ms. DelGallo: Are you a Christian? You say you voted for Trump. He’s in favor of the death penalty. Hmmm, how does that sit with Christians?Jerry BoehmAlbanyMom, 97, enjoys paper’s puzzle pageMy mom has been a faithful subscriber to the Schenectady Gazette for a number of years. The daily puzzles that are featured each day in your newspaper have been a welcome hobby for my mom.She enjoys solving the Cryptoquote and figuring out KenKen, the Jumble, and Sudoku.My mom is 97 years young and she takes pride in getting the correct answers each day. I would like to thank you for publishing the word games.Our family loves watching our mom’s reaction as she solves each puzzle correctly after spending hours working on them each day.Angela SerioBallston LakePlanned Parenthood not against fathers In the Sept. 23 editorial (“Remember the 200,000 dead from covid”), the Washington Post, increasingly a propaganda puppet of the left, would have all voters remember the 200,000+ American lives lost to COVID-19 to date. Fair enough.The Post would have voters blame President Trump, who, at least according to the Post’s own Bob Woodward, suggested that many of these deaths couldn’t have been avoided and conclude that somehow Trump could have done more as president to have limited the spread of this global pandemic.Curiously, as such critics are wont to do, the Post neglected to offer any concrete suggestions as to what more the president, or any president for that matter, might have done to have mitigated this toll.Perhaps, when voters remember these American lives lost to COVID-19, they might also give similar thought to the 695,425 American lives lost on average, according to the CDC, to abortion each year between 2009 and 2016. As Democrats vow to make access to abortion even freer and easier, even funded by U.S. taxpayers, I doubt the Post would have voters seriously contemplate these numbers as well. It seems that to the left, some lives matter more than others.Karl ReynoldsMaltaGet facts straight on Social Security taxesI am disappointed to discover that The Gazette publishes letters that are allowed to be factually incorrect. The Sept. 24 letter from Mr. Vincent Belardo (“Back Trump and Joy or leave America”) asserted that under Democratic representation American taxpayers are paying tax twice on their Social Security. That is not true. The amount deducted from your check that goes toward Social Security is deducted before calculating taxable income. So actually, you do not pay income tax on that amount.You do however pay federal income tax on Social Security when you receive it.The letter editor could have verified this by looking at his own pay stub and noting the facts below Mr. Belardo’s letter.Michael StellaSaratoga SpringsEditor’s Note: There are circumstances in the country in which some individuals’ Social Security is taxed twice.Gazette has gone too far to the ‘dark’ leftI fear The Daily Gazette has finally gone over to the dark side after a long fall to the left.The final straw is the allowing publication of a hateful, vicious and untruthful political cartoon printed on Sept. 22 depicting Trump joyfully dancing at Justice Ginsberg’s graveside.This ignores his decent remarks upon hearing of her death and instead promotes hateful, unabated biased attitudes unbecoming of the past tradition of the Schenectady Gazette with which I grew up. The Sept. 24 Gazette has nine New York Times news services, four Daily News, two Bloomberg and others one each. I fear you have not been true to the legacy of the Greens/Humes. After almost 70 years as a subscriber and watching the decline of unbiased reporting and editorials, I fear I may have to reconsider my subscription.Dr. Arthur SalvatoreMaltaHow can one justify voting for Trump?When Donald Trump belittled the military record of Sen. McCain, I thought, “That’s the end of Trump.” But instead he became more popular. Then he trashed the Gold Star parents of a soldier who had died in the Middle East. I thought, “He’ll never recover from that.” But he became even more popular.Now Trump is quoted, totally believable, as saying that soldiers who gave their lives for their country are “suckers and losers.”I’m no longer capable of mustering outrage at Trump. But what about the 40% of Americans who support him? What are they thinking?Trump is no anomaly. He won the presidency because voters preferred him to Clinton. at least enough to win the electoral vote.He’s the candidate that America chose, and many Americans are ready to vote for him again, in spite of every atrocity he had committed.Who are these people? I am saving my outrage for them.Matt LofchieSaratoga Springs More from The Daily Gazette:Everything new from The Daily Gazette Wednesday, Oct. 14Foss: Schenectady homeless assistance program Street Soldiers dealing with surge in needEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusCapital Region Reads: ‘Love After Love’ and ‘Dead Doubles’Everything new from The Daily Gazette Sunday, Oct. 11last_img read more

Town of Chatham Seeks to Modify Dredging Permit

first_imgThe town of Chatham is seeking a permit from the USACE, New England District, to conduct work in waters of the U.S. in conjunction with modifications to a previous permit to dredge and dispose of material as beach nourishment in Chatham, Mass.The town of Chatham has applied for permit modification to a previous permit which was issued to the town on January 31, 2014.The modifications would allow expansion of the town’s dredging and disposal program into other areas that have become a priority since approval of the original project.The original permit combined seven town dredging projects and 17 disposal sites into a town-wide dredging permit for better management of the projects. The town of Chatham is now seeking to incorporate additional sites into the town-wide permits as follows:Two new dredging sites are proposed.A large new zone of dredging (improvement dredging) is proposed in Pleasant Bay. Shoaling within Pleasant Bay has been an ongoing concern and the town is proposing to incorporate improvement dredging within a new large “zone of potential dredging” located in Pleasant Bay between Minister’s Point and Strong Island.A small maintenance dredging project has been added at Mitchell River.Four additional beach nourishment disposal sites are proposed:Scatteree Landing – expansion of existing approved beach nourishment area from 18,320 square feet to 80,995 square feet for the Pleasant Bay dredging material;Linnell Lane – for disposal of dredged material from town dredging projects and additional capacity for the Pleasant Bay dredging;Nearshore – an additional nearshore disposal site just outside the northern inlet for mechanical dredging in proximity to potential dredging locations and to provide an alternative site for hopper dredging operations if existing nearshore sites become infeasible to access due to ongoing changes in the beach and inlet morphology of the old inlet system;Pleasant Street (Private Beach) – for disposal of dredged material from town dredging projects.[mappress mapid=”22241″]last_img read more

Quinn administration – what now for its insured law firms?

first_imgIt’s just not getting any easier for solicitors when it comes to professional indemnity insurance. After two consecutive years of renewals pain, many small firms are once again burdened with uncertainty following yesterday’s bad news about Irish insurer Quinn Insurance.The Irish Financial Regulator (IFR) forced Quinn Insurance, part of Irish conglomerate Quinn Group, into administration yesterday because the IFR said it had concerns about Quinn’s ability to meet liabilities to policyholders. Quinn Insurance supplies more than 2,900 UK law firms with professional indemnity insurance (PII). Other insurers and brokers have already started to pounce on Quinn policyholders and offer them alternative PII cover. But the Solicitors Regulation Authority is telling firms to sit tight, and the IFR has made it clear that UK firms covered by Quinn can still rely on their policies. Quinn is, after all, in administration – it is not dead. While this does not remove all uncertainty from the equation, it means that more information is needed before firms make a decision on what to do next. In turn, Quinn has made some bullish statements about its financial strength, but it will take more time for administrators and the IFR to analyse the state of the company. The SRA, it must be remembered, is not a regulator of PII insurers; although it does set rules that insurers and solicitors should follow. Whether or not insurance companies are fit to trade is a question for the Financial Services Authority in the UK, and in Ireland, the IFR. If they are deemed fit to trade, then signing a qualifying insurers agreement with the SRA is little more than a formality. All eyes will therefore be on Quinn’s administrators and the IFR over the coming days. Unfortunately, this means that the uncertainty for many of the 2,900 firms affected will continue for the moment.last_img read more

XLP updates

first_imgKhimji Ramdas managed Customs clearance, placing the unit on stools and beams, and securing permissions for onward transportation. The company also organised a jack and skid system to offload the transformer at the final project site.In New Zealand, XLP representative Freight Traders arranged the duty-free import of two Dillmec drilling rigs, as well as the mobilisation and demobilisation to various remote locations on the North Island.Once the drilling campaign was complete, Freight Traders coordinated the re-export of the rigs over two ship charters.Freight Traders exports a drilling rig at the Port of read more