New Turks and Caicos constitution comes into effect

first_imgSir Robin Auld. Photo credit:, Turks and Caicos Islands — The new Turks and Caicos Constitution Order 2011 takes effect on Monday.This marks the beginning of the end of the three-year UK-led interim administration, following the return to a locally elected government after the general election on 9 November 2012. The Turks and Caicos Islands are a British Overseas Territory. The new Constitution was a joint product of the UK government and the political and civic leaders of the Turks and Caicos Islands. The interim administration took over the running of the country following the suspension of parts of the previous 2006 Constitution following the Sir Robin Auld Commission of Inquiry, which stated that there was “… a high probability of systemic corruption in government and the legislature and among public officers in the Turks and Caicos Islands in recent years.”And so three years ago a programme of public sector and other reform began to improve the transparency, accountability and public financial management of the Turks and Caicos Islands. This reform work was more recently managed through a framework of eight stated ‘milestones’:1. Implementation of a new TCI Constitution Order, in support of recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry, which underpins good governance and sound public financial management2. Introduction of a number of new ordinances, including those making provision for: i) the electoral process and regulation of political parties; ii) integrity and accountability in public life; iii) public financial management3. Establishment of robust and transparent public financial management processes to provide a stable economic environment and a strengthening of the TCI government’s capacity to manage its public finances4. Implementation of budget measures to put the TCI government on track to achieve a fiscal surplus in the financial year ending March 20135. Implementation of a transparent and fair process for acquisition of Turks &Caicos Islander status6. Significant progress with the civil and criminal process recommended by the Commission of Inquiry, and implementation of measures to enable these to continue unimpeded7. Implementation of a new Crown land policy8. Substantial progress in the reform of the public serviceMarking this historic moment in the development of the Turks and Caicos Islands, Governor Ric Todd stated: “Today marks the culmination of a huge amount of work to get the country to this point where it is significantly more transparent, accountable and financially better run. I would like to thank colleagues and stakeholders, both here in the Turks and Caicos, the UK and elsewhere for all their efforts in making this possible.“We now have a modern Constitution that is the result of wide consultation including a Turks and Caicos delegation who visited London in the summer of 2011 to help ensure that it reflects the wishes of both the citizens of the islands and Ministers in London.“Since former UK Minister Bellingham announced this summer that sufficient progress had been made against the milestones to allow elections, I have been meeting regularly with the political parties and have been impressed by their diligent preparations. I would also like to thank the Elections Supervisor and his team for all their detailed work in preparing for the poll.“We have an experienced international observers coming to our Islands for the elections. They will be here to ensure that 9th November passes off as intended as a free and fair democratic election. I welcome their presence and look forward to receiving their reports over the weekend after polling day. “The government’s work does not now stop until after the election results are announced and a new administration is in place. There is much to do and we will continue in our efforts to improve the services offered to the citizens of the TCI, although, of course, no more legislation can now be passed until the new administration is in place.“The new constitution will help to ensure that the incoming administration govern this nation fairly and transparently, and in tandem with the other legislative enhancements put in place, will bolster transparency and good governance for the citizens of the Turks and Caicos.“I look forward to the remainder of the political party campaigns, and trust they will continue in the same spirit that has so far been demonstrated.“I am also looking forward to election-day itself. The education programme launched last week by the Supervisor of Elections will ensure that all citizens eligible to vote are fully informed on the new electoral system and the choices they will be asked to make on the Electoral District and All Island ballot papers.“The building blocks for successful elections are now in place and we all eagerly anticipate the return to elected government here in the Turks and Caicos Islands.” Caribbean News Now Tweet Share Share 37 Views   no discussionscenter_img Share NewsRegional New Turks and Caicos constitution comes into effect by: – October 15, 2012 Sharing is caring!last_img read more

ABB’s digital solution helps to reduce fuel costs

first_imgBeat Güttinger, Head of Tekomar, ABB Turbocharging said: “We are continuously looking to improve our offerings to more advanced solutions and supporting our customers to differentiate themselves in the market. Our long-standing positive relationship with CCPO, being an early adopter of our latest web application on CCPO’s entire fleet, demonstrates their confidence in ABB’s ability to deliver innovative solutions to the market.” Tekomar XPERT for fleet solution for CCPO was delivered in July 2019 and includes additional e-learning, fleet administration and multiple access levels functionality. Tekomar XPERT for fleet enhances the proven Tekomar XPERT desktop application with its unique diagnostics and advisory on engine performance and allows company-wide engine performance assessment with controlled and consolidated analysis across a fleet. It facilitates the benchmarking and ranking of engines, vessels and fleets and the user-friendly dashboard can be customized according to role. ABB secured its first contract for ABB Ability™ Tekomar XPERT for fleet of 55 vessels with Hamburg based ship manager CPO Containerschiffreederei (CCPO) “We are always looking to adopt the latest technological advances to minimize our environmental footprint; this is a key driver for us when procuring services and products,” said Christoph Gessner, Managing Director, CCPO “With Tekomar XPERT for fleet, through optimizing our engine health, we can minimize costs and the environmental footprint, and in return we can pass on these benefits to our customers.” Tekomar XPERT for fleet, features an easy-access web application interface, which provides accurate insight into engine performance from fleet to vessel level through key performance indicators (KPIs) such as engine health, optimization potential and fleet performance benchmarking. These KPIs provide a helicopter view of engine performance across an entire fleet regardless of engine make, type and age. Ships and fleets are listed according to current performance and provide the technical management with an immediate indication on their status. Poor performing vessels are less cost effective and emit more pollutants into the atmosphere than necessary. Tekomar XPERT for fleet, identifies the necessary adjustments required to reach optimum engine performance and efficiency at a fleet wide level, creating both fuel and emissions savings. center_img Author: Baibhav Mishra Sea News, August 21 CCPO offers high quality service to its charter clients and professional ship management for 111 of own and third-party ships. They were an early adopter of the smart engine performance diagnostics software, Tekomar XPERT, during its initial release in 2015. The latest Tekomar XPERT for fleet web application launched in June this year at CIMAC Congress and incorporates all standard features found in the original Tekomar XPERT application with the additional fleet functionality specifically developed to support management decisions. Tekomar XPERT can be used with any diesel or gas engine, irrespective of manufacturer, type, age or size. There is no hardware to install and the application can be dropped into the shipping company’s normal IT system. It is subscription-based solution. More than 1,500 vessels have been equipped with the software to date.last_img read more

‘Guys and Dolls’ bonds Farmington Hills family

first_imgFor the Porter family of Farmington Hills, the Farmington Hills Youth Theatre’s production of “Guys and Dolls,” on stage at the Costick Center November 30 through December 3, is a family affair.Annika Porter, a junior at North Farmington High School, has been a long-time youth theatre performer.From left, Annika Porter, Jonas Porter and Logan Yandora perform in “Guys and Dolls”.“I love interacting with the younger and older cast members and getting to know them,” she said. Annika’s two siblings and parents are also involved with the program, making it a bonding experience.More than 100 young actors from Farmington Hills and surrounding communities appear in “Guys and Dolls”.“In the craziness of today’s world, we hope audiences smile, tap their feet, clap, put aside their worries and enjoy some great music for a couple of hours,” said producer Kim Gearns.The show has two casts, Liberty and Empire, splitting the performance schedule. Performances are on Thursday, Nov. 30 and Friday, Dec. 1 at 7 p.m.; Saturday, Dec. 2 at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m.; and Sunday, Dec. 3 at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. The Liberty cast performs Thursday, Saturday (6 p.m.) and Sunday (1 p.m.) The Empire cast performs Friday, Saturday (1 p.m.) and Sunday (6 p.m.)Purchase tickets at, at the Costick Center, 28600 W. 11 Mile Rd., or by calling 248-473-1848. Reported by admin Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Keysight Features its Innovative Tools for RF & mm-Wave Design, Simulation and Testing

first_imgAt the IMS 2020 virtual event, Keysight is showcasing its innovative tools for RF & mm-Wave design, simulation, and testing. We have listed their complete IMS 2020 presentation schedule. Users do not need to log in to watch this live, but can see these on-demand any time till September 30 2020.Here is a summary of what Keysight is doing at the event:AUGUST 0410:10 AM – 11:50 AM (PDT)Multi-Channel mmWave EW Receiver Workshop (IW17ABC)This session will describe how the DDC and mm-wave bandwidth options provide a multi-channel, coherent receiver with alternatives for bandlimited, tunable applications where the full instantaneous bandwidth of the scope is not needed. Key RF performance specs will be presented, as well as techniques for linking scopes for 8, 12, or more channels of coherent acquisition. The 89601B VSA software provides a convenient and powerful radar and pulse analysis application that is tightly integrated with the scope. Several live demos will highlight the powerful features discussed. We will close with an overview of other multichannel platforms available from Keysight. Also available on-demand.12:00 PM – 1:00 PM (PDT)Simplify Mixer and Frequency Converter Characterization with New Keysight toolsTesting mixers and frequency converters for 5G and satellite applications involves many parameters including gain, phase, delay, IMD, gain compression, and noise figure. With so many parameters to capture, it can take days or even weeks to characterize complex transponders. When you finally have your test results, you need to know if spurious or phase noise at the device’s output is from the device itself or from your input signal. It’s impossible to trace the origins of errors without a consistent and reliable test setup. Learn about the latest technologies in the Keysight PNA and PNA-X that feature extremely low phase noise and spurious emissions to help you measure complex components faster.1:40 PM – 3:20 PM (PDT)Tackling Emerging Wideband mmWave Applications then Moving Beyond into 6G (IW18AB)Today’s emerging millimeter-wave applications in the 57–71 GHz, 71–76 GHz, and 81-86 GHz frequency bands demand improved system performance to achieve higher data throughput using larger contiguous swaths of spectrum and higher-order modulation. Moving beyond 110 GHz and into 6G sub-terahertz research in D-band (110–170 GHz) and G-band (140-220 GHz) presents even greater opportunities and challenges. This workshop will discuss some of the key considerations in tackling the test and measurement challenges for today’s and tomorrow’s emerging millimeter-wave applications. Also available on-demand.3:50 PM – 5:30 PM (PDT)Phase-Noise Theory and Measurement Workshop (IW20ABC)This workshop explains phase noise fundamentals, measurement, and its impact on performance of RF/microwave systems. We will compare different measurement instruments and techniques. We’ll describe the role of the phase detector and the use of cross correlation in optimizing sensitivity, and we’ll discuss the impact of reference sources on phase noise measurements. Residual and absolute phase noise examples and practical DUT measurements will be shown. Lastly, we’ll examine AM Noise measurement techniques. Also available on-demand.AUGUST 058:00 AM – 9:40 AM (PDT)Learn 5G Signals, Demodulation and Conformance Tests with the VSA (IW14)The 5G standard is both large and complex. In this workshop, we seek to demystify 5G signal construction, demodulation, analysis, measurements and conformance tests with a series of lab demonstrations, leveraging the 89600 VSA software with the UXA signal analyzer along with the Signal Studio software with the VXG signal generator. Besides serving as a world-class measurement tool, the VSA can also be used as a wonderful learning vehicle, enabling a student of a new standard to explore characteristics of his/her signal under test. We look forward to sharing the story of 5G signal construction, measurements and analysis. Also available on-demand.10:10 AM – 11:50 AM (PDT)Cryogenic Measurement Challenges for Quantum Applications (IW7ABC)Advances in quantum control used to encode information quantum processors, is critical for scaling quantum computing beyond current NISQ-era architectures. For the prevailing quantum computing paradigms, future generations of quantum control circuitry will need to operate at cryogenic temperatures. This workshop will focus on the measurement and calibration challenges encountered when performing microwave characterization of these components at cryogenic temperatures. Keysight experts will discuss typical measurements in this application space and some methods for eliminating the errors. Lake Shore Cryotronics, will share insights for wafer-level, microwave device characterization including device temperature, probing challenges, and quality of calibration at cryogenic temperatures. Also available on-demand.12:00 PM – 1:00 PM (PDT)Project ConnectJoin Joseph Kovacs, Solutions Partner Manager with Keysight, on a panel that provides under-represented minority engineering students the opportunity to attend IMS 2020 to interact with practicing engineers. Learn about the exciting new technologies being developed today that introduce students to a variety of careers in the area of microwave engineering.3:50 PM – 5:30 PM (PDT)Understanding 5G New Radio (NR) Release 15/16 Standards (IW26)5G New Radio (NR) differs significantly from previous generations of wireless standards while opening the door to new business models. It introduces a new end-to-end network architecture that promises high data throughput and ultra-reliable low latency connections. Learn about the technology and challenges associated with the implementation of the 5G NR Release 15 standard and uncover new details about its numerology, frame structure, and waveforms. We’ll discuss initial access and beamforming and find out how they work in different network architectures. We’ll review key aspects of 5G NR Release 16, so you can prepare for the new applications it enables. Also available on-demand.AUGUST 069:55 AM – 10:10 PM (PDT)USB Noise Source with Internal Current and Temperature Correction for ENR Uncertainty Improvement (THMA53)Most noise sources in the market are powered by 28V without data transfer capability. This presentation introduces Keysight’s latest USB noise source that provides ease of use in powering up the noise source and facilitating data transfer. The main issue via the USB approach is the high ENR uncertainties due to unwanted heat dissipation from switching regulators, which eventually degrades the accuracy of the actual DUT noise figure measurement. This presentation will discuss methods to reduce heat dissipation and the novel technique implemented to minimize the temperature delta caused by the voltage switching regulator. Also Available on-demand.Click here to watch Keysight’s complete virtual experience featuring webinars, demo videos, and additional resources on tackling the toughest mmWave design and test challenges.Click here to view everything RF’s coverage of Virtual IMS 2020 for more highlights from the event.last_img read more

Lady Tarpons fall to Grulla at home

first_img Share RelatedLady Tarpons Beat Grulla in Straight SetsBy LARRY GAGE Special to the PRESS The Port Isabel Lady Tarpons volleyball team took down the Lady Gators of Grulla in straight sets Tuesday night in Tarpon Gym.  They won 25-18, 28-26, 25-14, and improve to 3-1 in district play. “Our kids played really well today,” head coach Julie…September 25, 2015In “News”Lady Tarpons sweep Grulla, HidalgoBy LARRY GAGE Special to the PRESS The Port Isabel High Lady Tarpons volleyball team secured victories in straight sets over Grulla and Hidalgo in their last two district matches. Last Friday, in the first half of a volleyball/football home double-header, they took care of the Grulla Lady Gators, 25-17,…October 23, 2014In “Sports”Lady Tarpons Outscore Grulla, 44-35By LARRY GAGE Special to the PRESS The Port Isabel Lady Tarpons basketball team rallied from a third-quarter deficit to defeat the Lady Gators of Grulla, 44-35, at Tarpon Gym Tuesday night.  With the win Port Isabel evened its district record at two wins and two losses. Port Isabel took…January 6, 2017In “News” Grulla raced out to a 7-2 lead in the second set and led 20-4 before taking the set and a 2-0 lead in the match.The Lady Tarpons attempted to rally and get back in the match in the third set. They led 7-1 but Grulla chipped away at that lead and tied the score at 15. P.I. tied it up at 21 and was within a point at 2322, but that was as close as they could get. The Gators got the last two points and it was set and match after three sets, 25-22.Want the whole story? Pick up a copy of the Port Isabel-South Padre Press, or subscribe to our E-Edition by clicking here.center_img By LARRY GAGESpecial to the PRESSLady Tarpons players versus Lady Gators during their September 17 home game. Photo by Larry Gage.The Port Isabel Lady Tarpons volleyball team hosted RGC-Grulla Tuesday night, and were taken down by the Lady Gators in straight sets, 25-21, 2510, 25-22.The first set was back-and-forth until Port Isabel scored four straight points and took a 10-6 lead. Grulla then took 11 of the next 14 points to go up 1713. The Lady Tarpons got within three, 19-22, before the Gators closed out the first set, 25-21.last_img read more

Five Japanese rugby players sign first deals with JRFU

first_img GET THE BEST OF THE JAPAN TIMES Their contracts with the JRFU will run from May 1 through the end of July. After the contract expires, they will return to their own teams.Wataru Murata of Aviron Bayonnais is also expected to sign with the JRFU.The new system is one of the JRFU’s projects launched this year in an attempt to improve the standard of the national team at international level. Other moves include having a full-time national team head coach and paid foreign coaching assistants.Japanese rugby has long centered around company and university teams. The JRFU opted to retain its amateur status even after the International Rugby Board opted to allow professionalization in 1995.Most of the leading rugby union nations turned pro following the decision, but the JRFU had resisted until now. It finally decided to open the door for professionalization in an attempt to improve the Japanese game at international level.The JRFU’s system will allow players who are called up for the national team to concentrate on rugby matters, rather than work problems.Those players who are signed — with the exception of college students — will receive allowances according to the duration or number of games they play in and win.The JRFU revealed that eight companies, including Suntory, Kobe Steel, and Toshiba Fuchu, have opted not to join the scheme for the time being.Japan will host South Korea on Sunday at Tokyo’s Chichibunomiya Stadium and will visit Taiwan on May 27 before hosting Wales in a two-game test series on June 10 at Osaka’s Hanazono Stadium and June 17 at Chichibunomiya.Japan will also play in the Pacific Rim Championship on July 4 at Tokyo Stadium and on July 8 at Chichibunomiya Stadium. Iwabuchi to re-signJapan rugby player Kensuke Iwabuchi on Friday said that he has agreed to re-sign with Saracens of the English Premier League for next year. The Japan Rugby Football Union on Friday announced five players had agreed to sign full-time contracts with the governing body in Japan, becoming the first to sign as “professionals” under the JRFU’s new contract system.The five players are Kensuke Iwabuchi of English Premier League club Saracens, Yutaka Tsujimoto of Kintetsu, Akihito Kato of NTT-ME Tohoku, Jun Akune of Tokyo Gas and Hajime Kiso of Yamaha. All are uncapped with the exception of Iwabuchi.center_img IN FIVE EASY PIECES WITH TAKE 5last_img read more

Preview: Worcester Warriors v Bristol Rugby

first_imgOn the final day of the regular season, Dean Ryan’s men host top-of-the-table Bristol, with the victors going in the play-offs in first position.Worcester fell to a 23-19 defeat to Bristol on the opening day of the campaign as tries from Andy Short, David Lemi and Ben Mosses ensured victory at Ashton Gate.Since then, Warriors have lost only once more – away to Jersey in St Peter – while securing the B&I Cup with a defeat of Doncaster Knights.Last weekend, Worcester scored ten tries to hand Cornish Pirates their heaviest Championship defeat.After trailing to an early Kieran Hallett penalty and going down to fourteen men when Ryan Lamb was sinbinned, Worcester bounced back spectacularly.Scrum-half Charlie Mulchrone and winger Cooper Vuna each grabbed a hat-trick at Mennaye Field.Team NewsA number of first team players return to fitness ahead of Bristol’s final game of the regular season.Mark Sorenson recovers from a bicep injury to skipper the side, while Chris Brooker and Marco Mama are also selected in the pack.Andy Robinson makes a total of ten changes for the Sixways clash, as first play second in Round 22 of the Greene King IPA Championship.Auguy Slowik earns a first league start since January and the Academy flyer is joined by George Watkins, Ben Mosses and Nicky Robinson in a new-look backline.Tom Kessell is set for his first competitive start in Bristol colours, while international duo Jack Lam and Kyle Traynor also come into the starting line-up.Max Crumpton is listed among the replacements after returning from a long-term knee injury, while Jamal Ford-Robinson could make his first outing for the Club after being included in the 22-man squad.Bristol Rugby team to face Worcester Warriors at Sixways Stadium on Saturday, 25 April (3pm KO):Auguy Slowik; George Watkins, Jack Tovey, Ben Mosses, Charlie Amesbury; Nicky Robinson, Tom Kessell; Kyle Traynor, Chris Brooker, Anthony Perenise, Glen Townson, Mark Sorenson (c), Marco Mama, Jack Lam, Mitch Eadie.Replacements: Max Crumpton, Jack O’Connell, Jamal Ford-Robinson, Joe Joyce, Olly Robinson, Craig Hampson, Adrian Jarvis.last_img read more

Tired Chelsea will battle on, says boss

first_imgRoberto Di Matteo admitted that fatigue was a factor in his team’s performance against Newcastle but promised they will be ready for Saturday’s FA Cup final.Newcastle’s 2-0 win at Stamford Bridge was a major blow to Chelsea’s chances of finishing in the top four.Reaching the finals of the FA Cup and Champions League has left the Blues facing a fixture pile-up, but interim boss Di Matteo is adamant they will pick themselves up for this weekend’s clash with Liverpool.AdChoices广告He said: “We’ve been pushing the players very hard and they’ve responded extremely well. We have to give credit to Newcastle, who played a good game.“My players have given everything. The effort is there and we have asked them to push and push and push.“We will regroup and pick them up. We have another big game on Saturday and we’re going to go again.”Di Matteo is hoping to have defenders David Luiz and Gary Cahill available for the Wembley encounter.Both players have been sidelined with injuries but have trained this week and will be assessed on Friday.Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

Coronavirus: 2020 CHAN Postponed Indefinitely

first_imgThe 2020 African Nations Championship (CHAN) has been postponed indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic.The tournament, meant only for players based in domestic leagues, had been scheduled to take place in Cameroon between 4 and 25 April 2020.Cameroon which has three confirmed cases on the virus, had assured of measures in place to ensure the safety of players, officials and fans during the competition but the Confederation of African Football acted on Tuesday after its Medical Delegation to the host country recommended the postponement of the tournament.The development comes on the heels of UEFA and South American football ruling body CONMEBOL postponing Euro 2020 and the 2020 Copa America until 2021 respectively.African football governing body had previously postponed upcoming qualifiers for the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations and the 2020 Women’s Cup of Nations but deferred a decision on the CHAN until the outcome of its delegation visit to Cameroon was known.The tournament was already in doubt following the decisions of Morocco and Rwanda to withdraw their teams from participating amid a growing spread of coronavirus on the continent.According to reports, coronavirus cases have been reported in 30 of the continent’s 54 countries.A CAF statement noted that travel restrictions put in place by various African countries also factored in its decision.“Following the growing concern of the COVID-19 virus and the report of the recently concluded Medical inspection visit to the host country of the Total CHAN, Cameroon 2020, CAF EmergencyCommittee decided today to postpone the competition until further notice,” the acting CAF general secretary said in a letter to the federations on Tuesday.“The following factors were taken into consideration by the Medical Committee in its recommendation to the Emergency Committee.“Even though the situation is considered as being under control in Cameroon and as per the advice from the WHO, the crisis is not yet stabilized yet in Africa and it’s very difficult to predict its evolution in the next few days;“Travelling across the continent is getting increasingly complicated and even impossible for some countries, due to the restrictions put in place by the different governments;“For all these reasons, and to avoid any useless risk, the Medical Committee’s proposal was to unanimously postpone the CHAN.”RelatedNigeria vs Sierra Leone Called Off After CAF Makes Coronavirus U-turnMarch 13, 2020In “Africa”CAF: 2020 CHAN, 2021 AFCON Postponed, 2020 AWCON CancelledJune 30, 2020In “AFCON”CHAN 2020 In Doubt As Cameroon Confirms Two Cases Of CoronavirusMarch 7, 2020In “Africa”last_img read more

Utah’s Foster is ‘A 10-foot wall’

first_imgTherearen’t many basketball players in America, or the world for thatmatter, who can stand on their toes, reach up and grab the rim of abasket.David Foster can.Thesophomore center, who is arguably Utah’s most valuable player so farthis season, stands 7-foot-3 and is blessed with longer than averagearms, giving him a wingspan of approximately 7-foot-8 (the averagehuman’s wingspan is close to their height).Thanksin large part to the large Foster, the Utes are playing terrificdefense this season, which has been the most consistent aspect of theirperformance in an up-and-down, 8-7 season.Goinginto tonight’s game at New Mexico, Foster ranks fifth in the nation inblocked shots with 4.3 per game, and he’s well on his way to smashingboth the Utah single-season and career records for blocked shots.Likeformer Utah Jazz player Mark Eaton, who is an inch taller, Fosterdoesn’t even have to jump much to block shots and be an imposingpresence to opposing players.”If I stand straight up, it’s almost a 10-foot wall,” Foster said.That”wall” is playing havoc this year with Ute opponents, who are shootingjust 39.6 percent from the field and 31.3 percent from 3-point range.Utahcoach Jim Boylen doesn’t disagree with the notion that Foster may bethe Utes’ MVP so far, even if he ranks just seventh in scoring (5.6ppg) and third in rebounding (4.8 rpg), while playing only 20.5 minutesper game.”His work ethic, maturity,leadership, effort, toughness — all those things, he’s brought andimproved on and taken seriously,” Boylen said. “He’s been awesome.”Fosterwas born in Salt Lake, but grew up in Michigan before the family movedto California when he was 13. He mostly played soccer as a youth,towering over the other kids.However,soon after moving to California, he naturally started to look atbasketball, which you do if you’re already 6-foot-3 and haven’t reachedpuberty.First the volleyball coachdiscovered him in the gym one day and he quickly moved up to varsity asa ninth-grader. He shot up to 6-10 as a sophomore, but was still onlygood enough to play on the JV basketball team at El Toro High School inLake Forest, Calif. Even as a junior, he didn’t play much on thevarsity, but his 7-foot height attracted recruiters, initially BYU andsome California schools.”Finally mysenior year it started to click for me,” said Foster, who led his teamto a 24-5 record, averaging 17 points, 12 rebounds and five blockedshots per game.Utah,under new coach Ray Giacoletti, was one of the last colleges to recruitFoster, but Foster liked the school and coaches and decided to comeback to the city where he lived the first year and a half of his life.”It just felt right,” Foster said. “If I feel something is right, I need to act upon it.”Foster,who served an LDS mission to North Carolina and is president of the LDSstudent association at the U., quashes the idea that BYU didn’t wanthim.”They were very interested and wanted me to come, but there was something about here and the environment I liked,” he said.Havingplayed just a couple of seasons of basketball, Foster was expected toredshirt his first year. However, Giacoletti was under fire and brokeFoster’s redshirt season after the Utes got off to an 0-3 start. WithLuke Nevill playing about 35 minutes a game, Foster played limitedminutes and didn’t even get into eight games.Hisone breakout game came against New Mexico in The Pit — where he’ll playtonight — when Nevill got into foul trouble. Foster ended up playing 17minutes and scored eight points, grabbed nine rebounds and had ablocked shot.However, the nextgame, he only played three minutes and was used sparingly the rest ofthe season. For the year, he played in 20 games and averaged 1.0 pointsand 0.8 rebounds with just five blocked shots.Afterthe season, Giacoletti was fired and Boylen liked what he saw fromFoster in limited workouts before he left on his mission in May. TheUtes kept in touch with Foster throughout his mission, and he was happyto return at the start of last summer.Alongwith a dunk, perhaps the most exciting play in basketball is a blockedshot. It brings fans to their feet, something Foster does with hisswats several times a game.Besidesbeing tall, Foster has an uncanny knack for blocking shots. Heanticipates well and can block with either hand, unlike most playerswho have to reach across with their dominant hand.”Heblocks shots with both hands. Very few guys can do that, so he can playon either side of the floor and control the paint,” says Boylen.Justhaving Foster in the middle is intimidating for opponents, who start toavoid the lane and try to rely on outside shots after getting a fewshots swatted away by Foster.”Hehelps us a lot, he covers the whole floor,” says teammate Luka Drca.”He listens and he’s a smart guy. There aren’t a lot of big, smartguys, but he’s one of them. When he improves his offense, he’ll be anNBA player.”That could be a far-offpossibility for Foster, who recently got engaged and will be married inMay. He’s the first to tell you he has a lot of improvement still tomake.”There aremany things I need to work on,” he says. “I need to keep finishing atthe basket, keep my jump hook high and get used to playing withcontact.”He enjoys having a fellow 7-footer, freshman Jason Washburn, to split minutes with.”Ithink it’s a great system, being able to split the time,” says Foster.”That way we can keep running. The more time we can split, the more wecan run and wear down the bigs on the other team.”Thegood news for Ute fans is that Foster and Washburn will play twoseasons together after this year, and Boylen doesn’t discount thepossibility of the two playing on the floor at the same time.For now, Boylen couldn’t be more happy with how far Foster has come in the seven months since returning from his mission.”Hehas a great feel for the system already,” the Utes’ coach said. “Heunderstands what we want and he embraces it. He’s still a young,developing player. We love having him.”E-mail: sor@desnews.comlast_img read more