Policy support in the door good business

years after it is returned to the north of Guangzhou migrant workers work peak, however, with the development of innovation and entrepreneurship policy, many migrant workers have to leave the hometown to make money, in the "home" business become more and more people choose.

2 23 the 16th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar, according to usual practice should be a good day for migrant workers to leave". However, this year’s sixteen month, Mengcheng Automobile Exhibition Center in crowded, 248 enterprises recruitment stalls were tens of thousands of job seekers crowded around. Reporters on the scene saw the understanding of the situation, registration information, discuss treatment…… A busy career scene, so that the two football stadium large hall, it is very crowded. read more

New investment in the blank Market — family greening

huge market there are a lot of business opportunities, to see if someone can find business opportunities. Now, doctors can be described as a variety of species, but there is no flower doctor.

now in Home Furnishing decoration, green plant has become the indispensable props, but because most people lack of maintenance knowledge, green plants every year into the garbage is not in the minority. Faced with delicate bonsai flowers, people can be a big headache. It is understood that the current army of flowers, about 70% of people are lack of basic knowledge of plant conservation. This situation has led to a new occupation, that is dedicated to helping people Green family, provide maintenance services for all kinds of exotic flowers and rare herbs "family green division". read more

What should gas stations do during peak hours

is a place of business almost any will have a busy and idle time, so, how to make use of the idle time will become a lot of managers worry about the problems, such as gas station operators. So, what should the gas station do during peak hours? Let Xiaobian to provide two suggestions.

suggested one

to do the scene timely improve

in the non peak hours, gas stations should be promptly exposed to the peak of the oil problems in a timely manner rectification. One is for the peak period problems, to strengthen staff skills training, improve employee ability; two timely cleaning, such as refueling site, toilet top, gas station and other areas, to maintain good capacity station appearance. read more

Open a breakfast shop business strategy recommendations

is now in the social life, there are a lot of people work in order to save time, will be at the breakfast shop to buy breakfast, now life, breakfast is very popular, Xiaobian compiled a good information, a reference.

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Suzhou ushered in the development of major opportunities to start the overall urban planning

is the so-called: "a paradise under Jervois" the beauty of Suzhou is as everyone knows, it is human environment, economic environment, every year attracts a large number of people going to Suzhou. This time, Suzhou ushered in the development of major opportunities to start the overall urban planning. In the future, Suzhou will show us a new look, so what is the overall plan?

Suzhou City ushered in a major opportunity for development! The State Council recently approved the "Suzhou city master plan (2011 – 2020)", means that Suzhou city development goals and the path of national level recognition, also outline new roadmap for the development of a new round of city". read more

Recommendations for opening a cold drink shop

cold drink shop need to pay attention to what business? Many franchisees want to get more business guidance. In fact, this kind of problem has always been the people often talked about, as long as a little attention, you can learn a lot of knowledge points, Xiaobian summed up some experience, I hope to help businesses do investment management business.

selected entrepreneurial directions: Master Hu a cold store in downtown Shi Liu Xiang told reporters, although not the same age level people will visit the cold store, but the main consumer is still young. Usually adjacent to the campus (the best is a technical secondary school) perhaps the flow of local people, is a good place to open this store. Gold Chinese summer often around the park, also opened this shop. When the hot climate, a good place to open this kind of Wujiang River is small. Just choose a good location, summer cold drink shops do not have to worry about no business." Master Hu said. read more

Small businesses need to pay attention to what issues

small businesses have a lot of entrepreneurship, want to do a small business, but also need to pay attention to some investment analysis. If you have a clear understanding of their own, then in the operational period will save more psychological wealth, more likely to succeed. What are the specific points need to be familiar with it? Let’s have a look.

1, first of all to do their own familiar things

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Story knew how to look after the hot dog workshop

snacks such as hot dogs, in the food and beverage market, has been very popular. If you want more development in the catering market, to choose to join the story dog workshop? Join the story dog workshop project, delicacy opportunities earned stop!

hot dog, which comes from western countries, is becoming more and more popular with Chinese people. Join hot dog shop has become one of the small and medium cost entrepreneurial projects. Hot dogs are becoming more popular. Experts predict that in twenty-first Century China will be the world’s largest fast-food market. In the face of great business opportunities, hot dogs have become a trend. To join the brand in a superb collection of beautiful things, love hot dogs workshop by the introduction of story won the franchisee. read more

How to join the chicken

is a well-known brand chain in Taiyuan by a small market development into chicken fast food: Swiss market chicken, always adhere to the "customer is God, quality is fundamental, and strive to do every detail" business philosophy, long time to finally get the trust of consumers, but also to join the popular brand investment.

Wright DaPanJi joined a snack to join the project, "Wright chicken market" from the traditional food culture characteristics and essence of harmonic north-south taste characteristics, make efforts in spices and oil on the surface, long aftertaste, affordable shades, color aroma and taste. The core material recipe lapping package, secret spices cooking oil, strict requirements, standardized operation to ensure the first-class quality to be delicious, and broad prospects. read more

Entrepreneurship in 2015 to teach you how to enhance the overall competitiveness of clothing stores

‘s huge consumption capacity so that nowadays women’s clothing store has become the most concern of entrepreneurs in the industry, so in recent years in the eyes of entrepreneurs to join the garment industry has been relatively profitable market choice, but also want to do a good job is not an easy thing, how to do the clothing store marketing is a lot of entrepreneurs pay more attention to the problem, share some more money shop skills.

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Youth entrepreneurship contest East Division finals ended in Chaohu Lake

10 month 20 days, Hefei Chaohu economic development zone held "entrepreneurship is the youth entrepreneurship contest final, many entrepreneurial projects and enterprises on the pitch for a number of competition for a showdown, and ultimately selected the top three players, they will qualify for the national finals at the end of the month.

the event organized by the Chinese Youth newspaper, Tsinghua Holdings Limited, Hefei Chaohu Economic Development Zone, Hefei City Committee of Communist Youth League, youth online, green debridement technology services (Beijing) co.. read more

What needs to open a pet shop

pet store is a good project in the current market, many people see the business opportunities of this project, want to join the investment. So, open a pet shop, then what costs? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

1. was the first to choose a legitimate pet shop to join the brand, because the pet shop franchise brand dragons and fishes jumbled together. Franchise chain operating pet shops, pet stores to open those costs? Need to go through the Ministry of Commerce for the record and approval. Choose a brand must look for the Ministry of Commerce of the brand, otherwise all the parties are in violation of the law, not to protect the interests of franchisees can not guarantee. read more

Four small ways to make you successful

entrepreneurial success is not as simple as everyone thinks, when you have a business idea, how would you make a choice? Is to insist on or give up? In fact, if you want to succeed, only four small ways to make you successful, so that ideas possible.

1. earnings priority

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From the success story of a grain of rice

from a grain of rice to the success of the road, the twists and turns of which we do not know, but that left to the world’s persistent heart, bring us a deep feeling. Let us learn from other people’s stories and experience.

mention of Taiwan’s richest man Wang Yongqing, almost wurenbuxiao. He pushed the Taiwan Plastics Group to the top 50 of the world’s industries. In the early stages of the business, he is still doing a small business selling rice.

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Annual turnover of more than thirty million yuan to sell clothes on the site

many times, choose a suitable industry, entrepreneurship is a very simple thing. A few days ago to see a television show in Taiwan, the host visited a 82 year old girl, she was just selling clothes on the site, the annual turnover of more than thirty million yuan!

below are some excerpts from my memory of the dialogue

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Gullible online agent entrepreneurial youth cheated nearly million

for the first time in entrepreneurial activities for many young people, in the start time must be Caution!, do not believe some of the network organization, some procedures need to do business in, or to some government departments to handle the information and.

in June this year, the Hubei youth especially came to Hefei, and for their friends to shop business. Did not expect is that he had encountered a liar.

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How to open men’s Health Museum

open men’s health museum to make money? How should I open it? Many investors are interested in this issue. If you want to invest in a business, what should be done? Today Xiaobian finishing a few points, hoping to help every entrepreneur, come and see.

/ step method

1 procedures

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China’s future investment direction

prospects for the future of professionals can be expected to make a few here to give you a few suggestions, China’s future investment direction, in your hands.

now, already on the beauty salon is not the patent of women, men are more and more to the beauty salon skin care and maintenance, many beauty salons have launched the men’s special beauty service. To open a male beauty salon must do a good job in the local market research, because in the traditional concept of China, has been regarded as the beauty of women’s patents, men do not accept beauty for most people. Some men’s beauty salon is closed because of too few guests, and the first time it is best to open a beauty salon and provide both men’s beauty salon. read more

How to manage a chain of maternal and child supplies


2016, two-child policy can be expected to fully open, many families will add a little baby. This is a big good news for those who are engaged in maternal and child supplies agents. In recent years, great potential in maternal and child supplies market, more and more people to join the management of maternal and child supplies to shop, but a lot of people on how business is confused, Xiaobian for everyone here summarizes six suggestions for entrepreneurs reference:

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Antialcoholism beverage market it industry prospects analysis

drank too much is not good for the body, but many people still love to drink, a good wine beverage is indispensable. The hangover drinks hot also bring good news to investors, antialcoholism beverage market? Many investors have such questions. For now I will introduce the antialcoholism beverage market.

If the

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