Women finish Mercedes-Benz Invitational in 8th

first_imgWomen finish Mercedes-Benz Invitational in 8thTwo golfers ended up tied for 18th in the tournament at 6 over-par each.Alex Tuthill-PreusGophers second year Heather Ciskowski tees off at the Minikahda Club during the Minnesota Invitational on Tuesday, September 15. Jack WhiteSeptember 23, 2015Jump to CommentsShare on FacebookShare on TwitterShare via EmailPrintHighlighted by the performances of Celia Kuenster and Heather Ciskowski, the Minnesota Women’s golf team finished in eighth place overall at the Mercedes-Benz Collegiate Championships. “We didn’t play real well as a team today. The placements were a little easier, and we just didn’t play great,” head coach John Carlson said. “[The course] was difficult. It presents quite a challenge from green to tee.” “Getting used to the greens,” head coach Michele Redman said when asked what the team needs to improve on. “Trying to figure out where is the right spot to be on these greens [because] there’s so many little mounds on them.” The team struggled in the first and second round of the tournament, scoring a 296 and 297, respectively. Even though Minnesota had a top 10 finish as a team, the team scored two rounds over 300 in the tournament. Even though Kuenster tied for the best score of any Minnesota golfer individually, she still underperformed from her first place finish last week at the Gopher Invitational. Kuenster scored a 219 total at the tournament compared to her 213 finish last week. Ciskowski and Kuenster both tied for 18th place individually at the tournament. The Gophers finished with a score of 882 but had the second-best score of the last day of a tournament with a 289. “I didn’t feel like I made the best decisions,” Kuenster said. “I felt like I was playing pretty well and needed to stay patient.” “All of us walked away feeling pretty good about our game,” Ciskowski said. The short game continued to be a challenge for the Gophers, who had a hard time adapting to the course.center_img “I was really happy to see Justin in the lineup this week,” Carlson said. “It was fantastic to see a top 10 finish.” The men’s team showed improvement from their previous tournament, recording a score of 895 at the Husky Invitational after recording an 899 at the Gopher Invitational last week. Minnesota placed ninth in the tournament, with their best score coming in the second round with a 294. The junior from Prior Lake tied for a 10th place individually with Washington State University’s Aaron Whalen with a score of 218. The score was 5-over par for the tournament. Men’s team finishes Ninth An individual standout for the men’s team was Justin Doeden, playing in his first tournament for the Gophers after transferring from Cardinal Stritch University. Ciskowski improved dramatically from the prior week, finishing 11 strokes better at the Mercedes-Benz Invitational than her score last week. Ciskowski was a surprise standout for the Gophers. The sophomore posted a 219 total, with a strong first round of 71 capped off by two scores of 74 the following rounds.last_img read more

On the same day, a hotel in Novigrad and a tourist resort in Pazin were officially opened

first_imgU Novigradu je svečano otvoren novi Design Boutique hotel Rivalmare, a istog dana otvoreno je i turističko naselje „Narcisa ago – Čiže“ u Trvižu kod Pazina, u središnjoj Istri. Tako je Istra u jednom danu povećala svoje smještajne kapacitete, a važno je naglasiti kako su svi novi objekti visoke kategorizacije.Hotel Rivalmare is the only project from the Istrian County that received the green light in the tender intended for funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) in the amount of 7,12 million while the total value of the project is 17,62 million kuna. The hotel has 12 double rooms and one suite, with a total capacity of 26 beds. It is planned that the hotel will be open for at least ten months a year, and in order to enable that, it will have additional facilities such as wellness, fitness, sauna and bicycle rental.Minister Kliman also took part in the opening ceremony, emphasizing that the Croatian tourism sector relies heavily on the accommodation and catering offer and that one of the priorities is a further step forward in their quality. “Such investments, which represent development, innovation, raising tourism to a higher level, are exactly what we need in order for Croatian tourism to become even more recognizable, of better quality and more competitive on the world market.”Minister Kliman points out.According to the Tourism Development Strategy until 2020 and national programs, a particularly prominent investment in hotel facilities, such as swimming pools, wellness, sports and recreation, entertainment, etc., was detected, all with the aim of attracting in the pre- and post-season periods and strengthening the offer. during the main part of the season.On the same day, the tourist resort Čiže, the company Narcisa ago in Trviž in central Istria, was opened in Pazin. It is also a greenfield investment, considering that the resort was built on once barren agricultural land of 3 hectares. The resort has two holiday homes of 95m2 each, a boarding house with 5 double rooms, a swimming pool, a kitchen and a restaurant and a camping rest area. All facilities are built according to the 4-star quality standard. Total investments in this project amount to over HRK 8 million, of which the loan from the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development (HBOR) amounted to slightly less than HRK 4 million.last_img read more

Daily Postcard: Sunrays Behind Crane Sculpture

first_imgDaily Postcard: Sunrays fall behind the 10-foot tall crane sculpture,‘Flying Folds’ late Saturday afternoon outside the White Rock Branch Library on Sherwood Boulevard at N.M. 4. Artist Kevin Box created the sculpture for which the County hosted a public dedication ceremony Feb. 24, 2015. Photo by Carol A. Clark/ladailypost.comlast_img

Letters to the Editor for Saturday, Feb. 9

first_imgTrump says he must have a wall, not called by any other name, except that he said it could be a barrier or a fence.He said he might close the government again if he didn’t get wall funding, but then he said the wall is being built right now. A wall is being built right now? By our soldiers? Then why did he shut down the government?Figures suggest it cost our economy, not even thinking of the hardships endured by furloughed workers, from $3 billion to $11 billion. Even if it was the lesser figure, that is too much.A secure border isn’t the issue here. Everyone agrees that we need that. The issue is the word “wall,” the item promised on the campaign trail which must be fulfilled so that people will vote again for Trump. Have we taxpayers just added $3 billion worth of votes to Trump’s campaign fund with his shut-down? And if Trump decides to shut down the government again, I want all the workers to go to their representatives for food and support.No more going to their kind neighbors and churches. No more Americans taking care of their own.  Categories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionNew York has lost all of its human decencyAt church on Sunday, our pastor described the grim reality of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Reproductive Health Act.He explained that a baby only moments from birth can be killed and those babies lucky enough to survive can be left to die.I looked at my 8-year-old daughter who until now was coloring in the pew. She looked up with tears streaming down her face.“What are we going to do?” she asked. “I don’t want this to happen.”My 8-year-old knows this abortion expansion law is immoral.She feels empathy for the babies who will suffer and die because of this legislation. A smart man with no political experience would have selected the most reputable, experienced and honorable people possible. But instead he searched the swamp for the likes of Manafort, Flynn, Pruit, Zinke, Bannon, Conway and his family, just to name a few. The results have been disastrous in every way possible. I pray that we don’t get stuck with him for another four years. We deserve better. He’s definitely a pimple on the path of progress.Jane ReisengerSchenectady Regret decision to vote for murderersDid you vote for a murderer? I’m ashamed to say, but I did when I cast my vote in the last election.Bill A00021, also known as the Reproductive Health Act (RHA), was signed into New York law on Jan. 22, thereby allowing third-trimester abortions for any reason, and making it legal for a baby, miraculously surviving a late-term abortion, to be denied medical care, suffer and die.Phil Steck, Angelo Santabarbara and Carrie Woerner, I don’t want to be part of your murderous agenda. I don’t want to be an accomplice in your cowardly attempts to retain your status and standing as an “Assemblyman or woman,” a member of the go-along-to-get-along crowd, in order to maintain your self-centered, love-the-power, love-the -spotlight charade.But you made me a part of this when you ran for election and hid behind a facade of garbage. And I voted for you. I believed you, your earnest messages of morality, “concern for all” and “I will work for you” lies.You pulled the rug out from under those of us who believed in the steaming piles of false pretenses you shoveled in your electoral barns by declaring you were moral, upstanding citizens. Nothing could be further from the truth when you fast-tracked this awful, awful bill. I don’t want to be a part of this, but my vote for you makes me a murderer by default, and I don’t know how I’m going to live with that.Laurie CoxNiskayuna No, go to the people who are not willing to fight for them. Go to the politicians who are playing with people’s lives. Janice WalzScotia Wall opposition not same as open bordersI am responding to James Homan’s Feb. 3 letter, accusing those who don’t support a border wall of being in favor of an open border.  How ridiculous.The most recent Democratic proposal includes $22 billion for border security. This money would be for new agents; scanners, sensors and other technological solutions; and new boats and planes.It also includes $500 million for food and medical care. And all this is at a time when border crossings or attempted border crossings by undocumented people are at historic lows.Above all, we must remember that applying for asylum at a port of entry is entirely legal. Those applying are not “illegals.” We can’t handle four more years of TrumpAnother presidential campaign is looming on the horizon and it’s not a happy thought. We are still remembering what a fiasco, actually more like a circus, occurred in 2016. The clown-in-chief, wearing his foolish cap, and clapping for himself night after night.I don’t recall any original or brilliant ideas for the betterment of the country being introduced.His agenda was primarily locking up Hillary, building a wall that Mexico would pay for and dismantling the accomplishments of Obama.Thanks to some help from his Russian friends, he became our leader.  His agenda has not changed. If anything, it has gone from bad to worse. So far, no Republican has been gutsy enough to come forward to challenge him in 2020. This is another not so happy thought.center_img Trump wall not worth another shutdownI’ve listened to President Trump’s recent speeches and read articles in the paper, and I’m confused. A far better and cheaper solution would be for the government to enforce the e-Verify program, where employers are responsible for verifying that people they hire have legal permission to work in the United States. We also need to relieve the backlog in the immigration courts.And finally, we must remember that the majority of those in the United States without proper documentation actually entered legally. For the most part, they are people who have overstayed their visas.Faith DonovanNiskayuna Grateful to kindness after DeMasi deathI would like to thank the many people who showed us kindness and compassion at the passing of my brother, Frank DeMasi, who died so unexpectedly in January.The news stories, the concern from co-workers and students and parents, and the love from members of Frank’s church and neighbors brought much comfort during a horrible time in our lives.Thank you so much. May God’s best be yours.Jackie DeMasi AllardSaint Joseph, Mich. But our Democratic law makers are celebrating, gallivanting around in their fuchsia pink outfits.Have we lost all human decency? Have we become so wedded to our political party that we only care about winning at all costs, even if it means destroying the most innocent and precious of living beings — a human baby?Do we not care about our doctors and nurses who now shoulder the burden of committing murder for fear of losing their jobs? Gov. Cuomo once said if you are pro-life, you are not welcome to live in the state of New York. He is a man of his word.He has made New York the abortion capital of the world with no conscience, with no caring about the suffering of innocent victims — a sweet baby and her mother who will have nothing but regret and a broken heart. Jennifer RichardBurnt Hills No quick fix for bad government officialsI truly believe I have heard enough misguided statements coming from our government officials.Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to give financial aid to undocumented immigrants. He also wants to give them driver’s licenses, thus giving them a New York address and solving the mass exodus issue. He wants us to believe that the exodus is the result of our cold winters. Oh, please.Yet let us not look so far and take a close look at our very own Schenectady council. Quite some time ago, this paper ran an article regarding the up-and-coming demolition of the Olinder building on State Street. As I read it, I could not help but think that somebody was throwing a large loop and would end up with the whole corner lot. And so it is, the new building has a footprint that covers the old  Nicholaus Building.Maybe I have a different perspective than most, but I find it very hard to believe that our state and local governments feel they can back-door deal and toss their power around, and we’ll just sit back and take it. I, for one, can see no quick fix for the state of our disrepair. But as for me, the fix is simple. Hello, Montana.Andrew GreinerGlenville More from The Daily Gazette:HIGH NOTES: PPEs, fighting hunger, backpacks and supplies for kidsEDITORIAL: No chickens in city without strong regsEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusEDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsFoss: Schenectady homeless assistance program Street Soldiers dealing with surge in needlast_img read more

Bahn repeats as GSC Runner of the Week

first_img Share Bahn repeats as GSC Runner of the Week BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – West Florida women’s cross country runner Kelley Bahn was named the Gulf South Conference runner of the week for the second consecutive week after winning the Gulf Coast Stampede Sept. 27.Bahn (Tallahassee, Fla./Chiles HS) posted the eighth-fastest 5,000-meter run in school history, an 18:28 effort, on her way to winning the Gulf Coast Stampede.The senior entered the record books in all three races she’s run this season. Bahn ran the third-fastest 6,000-meter run in school history in a time of 22:57 at the Furman Classic and the third-fastest 5K in school history in 18:11 at the UF Mountain Dew Invitational.Bahn is a three-time NCAA All-South Region honoree, a three-time All-GSC First Team honoree and a four-time GSC Runner of the Week.For information on all UWF athletics, visit www.GoArgos.com.#ARGOS#GSC ReleasePrint Friendly Versionlast_img read more

Legislature Waits for Agenda on LNG Special Session

first_imgGovernor Bill Walker listed two agenda topics when he announced the special session: the state’s buyout of TransCanada’s partnership in the proposed gasline and Rep. Chenault would like to know… FacebookTwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享The state Legislature has not received details for the legislative special session on the Alaska LNG Project which starts in just over a week. The second item is a natural gas reserves tax, which the Speaker says was a surprise since the governor had not stated that item as part of the agenda in a meeting they had a week before the announcement. Speaker of the House Mike Chenault… Spkr. Chenault(R-Nikiski): “Normally during a special session, like the last one we had or any that I’ve previously been associated with, we’ve had information usually it’s a bill that we had in the legislature that we’ve already heard, we mostly understand it. But for this special session we were told that we would have information a month before special session started. We’ve asked for it.”center_img Spkr. Chenault(R-Nikiski): “Give us the risks, give us the rewards. Now there is a Black and Veatch study out there that talks about if we buyout TransCanada and we pay our own way that we could save, I believe their number was $9.1 billion. That may be true, but what is the cost.” Walker says he has always been open about his intentions with the LNG Special Session and has stated that the legislature will receive copies of his proposed bills as soon as the bills are ready. The Special Session will convene in Juneau on Saturday, October 24.last_img read more

“He will come back” – Norwich hopes of signing dealt blow,…

first_imgNorwich City’s hopes of keeping Ondrej Duda beyond this summer have been dealt a blow, with Hertha Berlin planning on keeping him long-term. Duda joined Norwich on loan in the January transfer window, as manager Daniel Farke looked to add creativity to his relegation-threatened side.The midfielder arrived having found his chances of regular game time at Hertha Berlin limited following the arrival of Jürgen Klinsmann as manager.He’s been a regular for the Canaries since making the switch, racking up eight appearances in all competition since his arrival.Embed from Getty ImagesThey may have been hoping to turn his move into a permanent one in the summer, but those prospects have now been dealt a blow.According to Kicker, Norwich do not have an option to buy at the end of his loan, so Hertha are planning to take him back to the club as Klinsmann has long since departed.In fact, sporting director Michael Preetz has confirmed as much when asked about the on-loan midfielder.“We are planning 100 per cent with Ondrej, he will come back”, he told the newspaper.“He has shown how much he can help a team that has a functioning axle.“In winter, he was tired of the personal constellation we had in the coaching position because he saw no prospects for himself. He always wanted Hertha.”by Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksTrending TodayForge of Empires – Free Online GameBuild a Beautiful City and Play With Your FriendsForge of Empires – Free Online GameUndo聽多多 Hearmore.asia1969年前出生的香港居民現可免費試戴頂尖的歐洲助聽器聽多多 Hearmore.asiaUndoRaid: Shadow Legends | Free DownloadEven Non-Gamers Are Obsessed With This RPG Game (It’s Worth Installing!)Raid: Shadow Legends | Free DownloadUndoHero WarsGetting this Treasure is impossible! Prove us wrong!Hero WarsUndo熱門話題小心會長過頭…網友推爆:「真的長得超誇張!」熱門話題UndoStanChart by CNBC CatalystDigitization in Banks Is No Longer About Efficiency, but Business Resilience. Don’t Get Left Behind.StanChart by CNBC CatalystUndoCNN with DBS BankWhat Banks Did To Help Corporations Mitigate Future CrisesCNN with DBS BankUndoGrepolis – Online Free GameGamers Around the World Have Been Waiting for this Game! Already 35 Million PlayersGrepolis – Online Free GameUndoKeto减肥1個簡單的妙招一夜「融化」腹部贅肉(今晚試試)Keto减肥Undolast_img read more

Nicole Kidman could play former anchor Gretchen Carlson in Fox News harassment drama

first_imgRick Rowell-Paula Lobo/ABC(LOS ANGELES) — Oscar winner Nicole Kidman is in talks to play former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson in the untitled film about the late, disgraced Fox News Chief Roger Ailes — and the women who took him down.Kidman would join Charlize Theron, who’as already been cast as former Fox News host Megyn Kelly.Carlson was the first woman to file a sexual harassment suit against Ailes after she was fired, leading to Ailes’ exit from Fox News and exposing the alleged culture of sexual harassment there.In 2017, one of the network’s stars, Bill O’Reilly — at the time the highest-rated host on cable news — was also forced out, when the network’s sexual harassment investigation reportedly turned up multiple allegations against him.Margot Robbie is also eyeing a role in the film.© 2018, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Anna’s Anzac connection

first_imgBy Bonny Burrows As the descendant of reknown Anzac author Patsy Adam-Smith, Anna Whelan has always had an interest in…[To read the rest of this story Subscribe or Login to the Gazette Access Pass] Thanks for reading the Pakenham Berwick Gazette. Subscribe or Login to read the rest of this content with the Gazette Digital Access Pass subscription.last_img