Sixers Andrew Bynum To Undergo Knee Procedure

Andrew Bynum, the new Philadelphia 76ers center, made it through the 2011-12 season without injury. It was important for him because he needed the shed the developing image of a potential-filled but injury-prone big man.Not only did he avoid injury, but Bynum flourished, making the all-star team and becoming an important piece to the Los Angles Lakers’ success. Now a Sixer after being a part of the blockbuster trade that brought Dwight Howard to the Lakers, Bynum is taking steps to assure his knees hold up next season. (It’s also important to note that he will be a free agent after the season, and a healthy and productive year could land him an astronomical contract in Philadelphia or somewhere else.)While playing with Kobe Bryant, Bynum, 24, heard the superstar guard espouse the virtues of a radical, non-surgical treatment he had on his knee that wrought tremendous results. And according to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Bynun will travel to Germany to have the same thing done on his knee. The procedure is called Orthokine/Regenokine and it is a derivation of platelet-rich plasma therapy that Bryant, Grant Hill and baseball’s Alex Rodriguez all tried with great results.Bynum has been plagued by knee injuries throughout his career, but supposedly is not suffering from any knee injuries at the moment. But Bryant spoke so adamantly about it — and Bynum saw first-hand the buoyancy in Bryant’s gait after the treatment that he was impressed. So Bynum is looking at the procedure as a preventative measure and an opportunity to get his knees to feel better and stronger..He played in 60 out of a possible 66 games during last season’s lockout-shortened campaign. The 7-footer averaged 18.7 points and 11.8 rebounds in 35.2 minutes per game, all career highs. His agent as indicated he will test the free-agent market next year. And it would be a lot more lucrative to do so coming off an injury-free season. read more

Celebrity Magazines May Never Recover

first_imgThe consumer appetite for celebrity news has exploded in recent years. But shortsighted strategies, poor management and the recession have hit traditional celebrity media hard—so hard the nine magazines covering the space is too many, consolidation is inevitable as advertising and circulation erodes, and even the market’s dominant Web sites should be “looking over their shoulders.”This, according to a new report from DeSilva + Phillips, a New York-based media banking firm, released today.The rise of “feisty online alternatives” and the recession have sped up the decline of some celebrity media franchises, according to the report. But “timid magazine management” is also to blame. As a result, celebrity magazines “have the most to lose” in terms of audience and revenues—“and they will certainly lose the most in the years ahead.” People, the report notes, is perhaps the only magazine to prove itself as a multi-platform leader—accounting for 24 percent of the category’s print circulation, 28 percent of its ad pages and “an eyebrow-raising” 43 percent of its revenues.Even People, however, has “to face the same nagging issues: the segment’s dwindling readership base, the buyers’ market for advertising, and cost pressures across the board that are painfully compressing margins,” the report said. Celebrity Media M&AThe report points to the $1 sale of TV Guide, a magazine that once was acquired by Rupert Murdoch for $3 billion, as emblematic of the erosion of print’s value. “How [a] magazine is worth nominally .000000001 percent of what it was 20 years ago is a story for a B-school case study,” D+P managing director Ken Sonenclar, the author of the report, wrote. “But what’s most noteworthy now is that the sale excludes and the TV Guide Network cable channel, which were sold separately in January to Lions Gate Entertainment, the Vancouver-based film company, for $255 million. That’s where the seller realized growth and value.”In terms of the future of celebrity media M&A, “select Web sites”—such as—“should be acquisition targets” as they appear to resist the recession’s downward pull and continue to attract eyeballs and advertisers.”But “few gossip sites” have built the kind of loyal audiences or barriers to entry to warrant serious M&A interest.A bigger fear for celebrity magazine publishers now is that the recession will end much differently than those in the past. Specifically, even when the economy eventually recovers, advertisers will direct their budgets to the Internet and television—and away from magazines. “The fear is justified,” Sonenclar wrote. “Magazine publishers’ eventual recovery will be slow, painful, and partial at best.”He added: “Long-term winners online will have roots in print, TV and the web—and so will the losers.” Click here to download a full copy of the report.last_img read more

The curious case of Amazon Primes Good Omens

first_imgNeil Gaiman’s Good OmensGood Omens Prime (@goodomensprime/Instagram)If you are sleeping under the rock then you might not have heard that there are thousands of fans who have asked Netflix to cancel Amazon Prime’s original Good Omens, based on Neil Gaiman’s classic book. Now that the news has become viral, Netflix has taken to Twitter to set the records straight.Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens is currently airing on Amazon Prime. The miniseries is based on the acclaimed novel of the same name and follows the story of a demon Crowley (David Tennant) and an angel Aziraphale (Michale Sheen), who, being accustomed to life on Earth, goes on an epic adventure to prevent the coming of the Antichrist and with it Armageddon — the ultimate battle between Heaven and Hell. There are thousands of viewers who have apparently called the miniseries blasphemous as it goes against their religious beliefs.All those viewers have apparently urged Netflix to cancel a show which is currently available at Amazon Prime. “Tell Netflix: Cancel Blasphemous Good Omens Series,” is currently a substantial petition online. Earlier today, the streaming giant Netflix took to Twitter in the wake of a petition mistakenly asking the streaming platform to cancel Good Omens.In the wake to all this, Netflix tweeted that they promise their viewers not to make Good Omens anymore. You can check out the hilarious response by Netflix below:ok we promise not to make any more— Netflix UK & Ireland (@NetflixUK) June 20, 2019If this was not enough then even the social media account of Amazon Prime decided to take things ahead. A few hours later, Amazon prime tweeted that it would cancel Stranger Things if Netflix decides to cancel Good Omens. As many of you are aware, Strange Things season 3 is the next big thing for Netflix after all the original series and movies which they have aired this year.Hey @netflix, we’ll cancel Stranger Things if you cancel Good Omens. ?— Amazon Prime Video US (@PrimeVideo) June 20, 2019The online petition, which we talked above, has since been corrected the error and now states that the show which is based on Neil Gaiman’s book mocks the religion for depiction “God as a tyrant and the Devil as being good.” Apart from this, the group which has issued the petition also has issues with a different part of the shows for example — God is being voiced by a woman, the portrayal of at the Antichrist as a regular kid, and the portrayal of the four riders of the apocalypse as a mere biker gang.last_img read more