PU&GWU fully supports review of ExxonMobil contract

first_imgDear Editor,The People’s United and General Workers Union (PU&GWU) sees the move by the APNU/AFC Government to review the 1999 ExxonMobil contract as an excellent and clever one, and the Government should be applauded and fully complimented for such a move, since the Government will have an opportunity to make new proposals that can modify, improve and remove any deficiency that the contract may contained. The contract was made between ExxonMobil and the former PPP/C Government since 1999 (over 17 years ago), we are now in the year 2016 and we have a new government which have the full right to review and make changes to any contract that was signed by the previous Administration and also from the time the contract was made to this year 2016, the price and other conditions surrounding the oil market have changed globally; for example, Venezuela has proven oil reserves in 2013 (297.6 billion barrels), total oil supply in 2012 (thousand barrels per day): 2489.2.Venezuela surpassed Saudi Arabia last year to become the holder of the largest oil reserves in the world but yet still Venezuela is facing serious economic crisis, so having oil is one thing but managing it productively in a sustainable manner is another thing and the APNU/AFC Government needs to take these realities surrounding the oil market, including the Venezuela situation, into deep consideration during the review process of the1999 ExxonMobil contract, etc.Editor, the PU&GWU without the shadow of a doubt is confident that the 1999 ExxonMobil contract needs to be reviewed and modified; hence, the Government needs to make a new draft and enter into negotiation with ExxonMobil so that the contract can be amended to accommodate and include: (a)the Government drafted proposal should provide for ExxonMobil to finance and establish a school in Guyana that will teach, train and equip Guyanese with certificates that will qualify them to be employed with ExxonMobil when the company goes into full operations, etc; (b)the Government draft should include the percentage of Guyanese that will be employed with the company as against how many expatriates will be employed, eg Guyanese should at all times be the higher percentage of employees to be employed with the company; (c) the Government draft should include a clause that provides for Guyanese to enjoy international payment rates, benefits, working conditions and safety standards, etc; and (d) the Government draft should include all international requirements that an oil rig company have to meet to conduct its operations in the oil industry, etc.Editor, when ExxonMobil goes into full operation and production, most of the oil produced by the company may have to be shipped to overseas markets; as such, the APNU/AFC Government without any hesitation should swiftly move in the direction to establish a deepwater harbour at Berbice River, which is an essential point of transit for incoming people and goods. Primarily, deepwater harbours are fundamental to the movement of exports and imports from and to a country.In the Caribbean, the Port of Bridgetown in Barbados has immensely increased trade activities on the island and drastically boosted the tourism sector.Barbados’ deepwater harbour now acts as a homeport for many of the Britain­based cruise ship lines operating in the Caribbean Region, directly impacting the tourism sector and ultimately the economy, owing to the revenue generated from tourists who are almost always willing to spend.The deepwater harbour will not just benefit the ExxonMobil Company to transship its oil, but it will also improve the maritime sector in Guyana and boost business in the shipping sector, generate revenue for the country’s economy, create jobs for Guyanese and strengthen, improve and qualify Guyana’s port to meet international safety and security standards, etc.The Social Protection Ministry’s Labour Department and Guyana’s maritime sector needs to be equipped with safety officers who are exports that have the full knowledge and qualifications as it relates to safety on oil rigs so they can highlight breaches of any safety rules or laws which can endanger the life of workers, etc.In closing, the People’s United and General Workers Union wishes to state that if the APNU/AFC Government does not manage Guyana’s resources properly and also if it does not sign good contracts with foreign companies operating in Guyana, such as ExxonMobil, Guyana can end up in a crisis and Guyana will continue to remain a Third World country, etc.Yours truly,Micah WilliamsGeneral SecretaryThe People’s Unitedand General WorkersUnionlast_img read more

‘We can’t be worried about reputations!’ – Chris Coleman not scared of Ronaldo

first_imgChris Coleman has urged his Wales players to focus upon themselves rather than worry about the reputations of Portugal’s stars – including Cristiano Ronaldo.The Dragons reached the Euro 2016 semi-finals after an excellent display against a Belgium team considered likely contenders for silverware.Their starting XI was littered with a host of star names, but Coleman’s unheralded team secured a 3-1 win due to hard work and a fantastic team ethic.And for Coleman, beating teams with star names has been easy, with the Round of 16 clash against Northern Ireland actually the biggest test.The 46-year-old told talkSPORT: “[Cristiano] Ronaldo, he’s a world class player. But we don’t know how he’s going to perform on Wednesday.“From our experience, Hamsik for Slovakia is a fantastic player and England were littered with top quality players, and Eden Hazard for Belgium.“But I think our hardest match in terms of trying to how he had to try and win it was Northern Ireland, and that wasn’t one great player, that was one great team.“Again, team spirit and organisation are hard to play against, and it shows how far that can take you.“We can’t be worried about reputations. We just have to worry about ourselves and try to stamp our authority and bring our own game plan.”The cost of the victory over Belgium was two bookings handed out to Ben Davies and Aaron Ramsey, which mean they are suspended for the meeting with Portugal.Coleman believes the ban is harsh on the two excellent performers, but he is confident the players he names to start will be up to the task of facing Ronaldo and his teammates.He added: “If you’re looking at Aaron Ramsey and Ben Davies, they are two players that deserve to be in a semi-final, and unfortunately, because of the rules they are going to miss that.“It’s harsh on both players who have been absolutely outstanding.“Our guys will know that they’ve got to do a job and give their very best, and I hope that’s enough to get a result.”last_img read more