Zhoushan launched a new way of service – New Development

The successful development of the New District of Zhoushan has been supported by the government of Hangzhou and Zhejiang, so that people can see the development of Zhoushan’s economy. At the end of March this year, Zhoushan Boeing 737 main project completion and delivery center will be officially started construction. Major projects, the total investment amounted to 6 billion 500 million yuan, will be included in the range of daily supervision. A project, corresponding to a contact, a leader of the discipline inspection group stationed, a monitoring system, referred to as the "four" of the daily supervision service mechanism, Zhoushan is the innovation of supervision and discipline, to protect one of the many initiatives of new construction. read more

Chongqing Hot pot – choose all the reasons to join the German

2016 released the "hot pot hero" we must be impressed, right? Xiao Bian is like the inside of the Chongqing dialect, of course, Chongqing hot pot. But the film background is that because each of Chongqing has opened a hot pot to make the market saturation, many people can not do business. The hot pot restaurant is more than the taxi outside. Chongqing hot pot restaurant to join the project. So many brands, for hot pot investors is a big problem, choose what brand is more reliable? It is worth joining Dezhuang Hot pot. read more

What are the famous Sichuan franchise brand

who knows who is not known, seems to be a lot of people’s taste is spicy, which is why many people like Sichuan one of the reasons for it. China Sichuan is one of the four famous, famous at home and abroad, Sichuan cuisine is characterized by a cooking grid, a hundred dishes subway. Sichuan from development to production, perfect, has experienced a long process, so far as a cuisine, Sichuan cuisine materials extensive peculiar varieties are dazzling, flying in the sky, run, swim, the Sichuan master hand, prepared by cooking, suddenly become delicious food so, who admired. Sichuan chain to join what brand is good? read more

Entrepreneurs how to choose a good project investment

for entrepreneurship, the choice of a good project investment is the key factor to determine whether entrepreneurs can successfully start. Competition is fierce in various industries, want to choose a good project investment or to spend a lot of thought. Entrepreneurs should consider in many ways, only a comprehensive consideration is likely to choose a good investment projects.

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Convenience store business district investigation how to do

in the end where suitable for shop, in fact, we need to conduct professional analysis, but also need to do the relevant investigation, so as to be able to know where the real shop operation. For the current number of entrepreneurs, the business district investigation but do not know how to carry out. Then, the convenience store business district survey how to do? Let Xiaobian for your detailed analysis.

convenience store business district is generally divided into community shopping, office area, School District, tourism, shopping district, etc.. Customer level is divided into office family, with the young, the students, the elderly, etc.. For different business district and the customer level, the focus of the corresponding commodity, the composition of the sales ratio is also different. read more