Xining North District this year to ensure that more than 200 small and micro enterprises

this year, Xining district north of the city to strictly implement the national provincial and municipal preferential policies and measures to support small and micro enterprise development, promoting small and micro enterprises "dibiao extended face", to ensure that the new small and micro enterprises more than 200.

this year, the establishment of government bank cooperation docking platform, the establishment of 2 million yuan investment guarantee fund guide, strengthen cooperation docking with banks, small loan companies, Guarantee Corporation; relying on the biological park expansion of park land acquisition, Beichuan River (core) comprehensive management, and increase the Xining Municipal Land Resources Bureau, the planning department cohesion, create the north area Small and micro businesses business park and incubator, to encourage small and medium-sized enterprises focus on industries and enterprises in the park to carry out technical cooperation and supporting products, the formation of "specialized, refined, unique, new" small micro enterprise groups. (author: Su Jianping Wang Yang)
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The fourth session of the summer Xining place name snack delicacy wonderful opening event

"the fourth session of the summer Xining local famous specialty snack delicacy Festival, July 27th opened in Xining City Commercial Pedestrian Street Lane limeng.
which aims to "delicacy culture, mass entertainment leisure culture and the organic combination of exhibition" activities, starting from the day at 10:30. The size of Pedestrian Street tunnel surrounded by all of Xining a special snack, skewers, boiled rice, yogurt, sweet grains…… The smell of food continues to cause people’s appetite. According to the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce responsible person, the city of Xining as a multi-ethnic gathering area, is famous for its special snacks with local culture has a long history, numerous schools, flavor dishes were distinctive, hold the delicacy Festival "during the fair city, hope to further propaganda great beauty Qinghai, show delicacy varieties, improve name create a special snack grade, delicacy culture. Build local brand name snack, show business style, promote the delicacy culture, recommended delicacy delicious snacks, the service life of the people, promote the tourism development of related industries, and guide consumers to build the green, healthy and nutritious food culture. read more

The right way to open a clothing store

every day we have to wear clothes, wearing embodies our taste, also let the clothing industry has always been a very popular phenomenon, started a clothing store, a huge market demand and huge profits, are the reasons to attract entrepreneurs to join the. Now a lot of people start business, have chosen to open a clothing store, the business looks very good. But there are a lot of bad business, which is the reason for the operation. So, how to start a successful business clothing store?

if open to the mall, it is recommended to the major shopping malls to carry out research, observation, ask what clothing to sell? What brand is popular? The brand clothing and manufacturers to negotiate, agency fees, promotional fees, distribution and return system and other issues, to purchase their own streets or shopping malls, supermarkets, clothing to determine the object location, choose a lot of risks, the greatest danger is due to their blind resulting product backlog. read more

West District people enjoy the Spring Festival cultural feast

to carry forward the traditional Chinese culture, so that the people share the fruits of cultural development, new year’s day, Spring Festival, carefully organize the West District arrangement rich and colorful cultural activities, to make a cultural feast to benefit the masses. As early as December 2013, West District on the development of a series of cultural activities during the Spring Festival program, the establishment of the main Committee headed by the West District Committee to be responsible for the implementation of the cultural activities. The organizing committee adhere to the small dispersion, thrifty and the principles of cultural Huimin, carefully planned, organized a "harmonious" Spring Festival Cultural Tourism Festival and the three cultural activities, including bless the people activities, folk cultural activities, elegant art activities, mass cultural activities, cultural exhibition activities, tourism shopping activities, township cultural activities 7 plate. For the first time elegant art to the mass cultural activities, the event also invited the provincial cultural and artistic names to the countryside, into the community for the masses to perform. It is reported that this morning will be held in the sunning Plaza new rural town will hold excellent fire drama special pay New Year’s call, in the afternoon of February 13th, kylin Bay Plaza in the west area of culture and Art Center held public Lantern Festival opera performances and other activities. read more

This year the lantern lights downtown in three square the twelfth lunar month twenty-eight Nights Fu

near the Spring Festival, Xining City, four districts have begun to produce lanterns. January 21st, the reporter learned from the relevant departments of the four districts, in previous years, lanterns are displayed in the street, causing a certain traffic pressure. This year, the lantern for the streets, a number of main roads are not expected to implement traffic control, lanterns are mostly concentrated in the people’s Square, sunning Plaza, Central Plaza, lantern will light all in the twelfth lunar month twenty-eight nights. read more

Xining Museum of Art low-income children can participate in free training

in 2013 during the winter vacation is coming, the city’s children, especially low-income families of children with children, families of children of migrant workers in city based, can participate in the mass art museum in vocal music, recitation, calligraphy and other small reporters, professional learning. This is the Xining Municipal Art Museum in response to the call of the state, in order to enrich the city’s children’s winter vacation life and carry out the relevant professional free training. At present, the registration work has begun, the city’s children, especially low-income families with children’s residence booklet, ID card, low income certificate to the City Museum of art training department to enroll in free learning. read more

Xining City, the real improvement of work style

day, Xining city conscientiously implement the central authorities on eight requirements to improve the work style, close ties with the masses and provincial twenty-one measures, strive to enhance the sense of responsibility of Party members and cadres, service consciousness, innovation consciousness, consciousness and firmness, dedication to the Party cadres to improve the performance of their duties, in 2013 to achieve the solid start. Provide a strong organizational guarantee for the work carried out. read more

There will be north of the landless farmers

, I really did not expect such a farmer can also take retirement wages, no longer have to worry about the pension problem in the future, thanks to the government for our landless farmers do a good thing." Villagers Han Yulan said after receiving a pension passbook happily. In December 26th, the north area of landless farmers’ pension insurance payment ceremony held in large Baoziwan village Baoziwan Town, marking the area of farmers social endowment insurance pilot land officially launched.

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The city of China to develop a stable price plan for the Spring Festival

to protect the city during the Spring Festival, the market supply and stabilize the market price, to meet the people’s needs of life, the municipal government from the transportation and increase meat reserves, parity sales, government subsidies, market supervision of developed during the Spring Festival for stable prices, to ensure market supply and price stability. The program from January 1st to February 15th implementation.

increase the intensity of transport delivery

guarantee supply, stable prices, first of all, it is necessary to increase the intensity of transport and reserves, and effectively protect the market supply. Organization of 10 thousand tons of vegetables transported, transporting eggs of 1200 tons. Increase the production and marketing of the relay, according to what the market lacks what the principle of regulating organizations transporting vegetables, especially about 10 varieties of vegetables and increase the public demand, higher prices, garlic, chives and pepper; tissue Xinyuan company 4 pig slaughtering enterprises and 2 cattle and sheep slaughter Patterson increase livestock transportation efforts, at 20 yuan per kg daily wholesale prices to the market supply of cheap pork 648, daily to the market supply of cheap beef 200 head, lamb 500. read more

Qinghai introduced ten measures to ensure the payment of wages of migrant workers

for the protection of migrant workers on time and in full to the hard-earned money, our province issued "to further improve the construction project in the field of cleaning migrant workers wage work of the ten measures", focus on the problem of wage arrears for migrant workers from the source prevention and governance, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers. This measure will come into effect from July 27th, showing five highlights.

highlights: the local government is the first responsibility unit. Municipalities (States), counties (cities, districts) the government is the first unit responsible for the work of the region. By the government to invest in the construction of arrears of wages of migrant workers, the government should pay the first payment of arrears of wages, the full responsibility for liquidation. read more