3.Forum of family accommodation from 15.-17. November in Zadar

first_imgFamily accommodation keeps alive almost 80.000 families and more than 250.000 citizens in Croatia 3. The Family Accommodation Forum (FOS) has become a central gathering place for family micro-entrepreneurs in tourism, and FOS is also the largest congress of the tourism profession in Croatia and the only congress of family accommodation in Europe. This year, the 3rd Family Accommodation Forum of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce will be held in Zadar from 15-17. November. 2016.FOS brings together the owners of catering services in rooms, apartments, holiday homes and camps in the household, as well as in boarding houses and rural households, and is interesting for all micro and small entrepreneurs who follow current changes and trends in family accommodation. 2014 registered participants participated in the first FOS 800 in Opatija, 2 participants in the 2015nd FOS 1.000 in Poreč, and we believe that the 3rd FOS 2016 in Zadar will be extremely well attended. Great importance of family accommodation, ie “short-term renting houses and holiday homes ”for the European Union was recently confirmed by the European Commission, which in its statement points out that this type of microeconomy can contribute to economic growth and employment in the EU, and that such activities must be responsibly considered and developed. European Holiday Home Association), an organization that brings together providers of accommodation in short-term accommodation in apartments and houses (family accommodation) but also associations of managers and platforms within the sector, welcomed the European Commission’s statement which made significant progress in understanding and recognizing the sector. At European level, this type of accommodation has 20 million beds. This contribution of citizens who independently help the national economy with their property has not been recorded anywhere in Europe, in fact, in many countries this activity is still unregulated and the volume of traffic is unknown, Pinezić points out, adding that we must keep what we have and what we have improved over the years. every public official should be aware that both his or her livelihood and income may depend tomorrow on the possibility of quickly and easily integrating his or her private property into the “sharing economy” system.center_img Over 74.000 households are currently registered in family accommodation, which is growing from year to year, and with 500.000 beds it makes up 50% of the total accommodation capacity. “The Family Tourism Community of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce hopes to formally become a member of EHHA and thus share experiences and contribute to the development of family micro-entrepreneurship in tourism in the European Union. It is important to realize that the growing social, political and economic tensions in which Europe finds itself will not be able to overcome without a new economic model, without a new paradigm that will allow the rapid inclusion of all social and ethnic groups in the microeconomic systems of EU countries. capital companies in any sector, especially in tourism, will absorb high demand for long-term employment with a stable wage. “Start-up companies”, self-employment, free enterprise, “sharing economy”, are new models that function as catalysts for the deep crisis of the existing socio-economic system. Our family accommodation, which keeps almost 80.000 families, more than 250.000 citizens of the Republic of Croatia alive, but also contributes to the community through 2 billion Euros of income generated on the basis of private property, also found itself on this positive wave. ”Points out Nedo Pinezić, president of the Association of Family Accommodation at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, and adds that in addition, HRK 150.000.000 is paid annually into the state budget based on a flat tax and the same amount into the budget of the Croatian National Tourist Board based on a flat tax.last_img

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