Master plan of tourism development of Osijek-Baranja County presented

first_imgThe final version of the Master Plan for Tourism Development for Osijek-Baranja County was presented at the Osijek County Hall. Prior to the adoption of the Master Plan by the County Assembly, a consultation process with the interested public was opened. The entire work of making the study cost HRK 349.000,00, and it was entrusted to the company Horwath & Horwath consulting Zagreb dooIt is a key document that has the task of setting long-term goals for tourism development. This document was made in three phases, and each phase was individually verified by the Council for Continental Tourism of Osijek-Baranja County. In the first phase of the project, the focus was on analysis and assessment of the situation. The second phase refers to the development of a tourism development strategy, while the third phase includes an investment plan, destination competitiveness development activities, a marketing and sales system development plan, and a time plan.As tourist attributes of Osijek-Baranja County, the master plan identified Kopački rit, rural households, wines and wine cellars, the Drava and the Danube, gastronomy, culture of abundance, plains, Đakovo and the state stud farm, and the city of Osijek. The master plan envisages focusing the county’s market offer on short breaks (enogastronomy, rural tourism, culture, events, selective forms of tourism), touring, health and wellness.This document envisages the division of Osijek-Baranja County into four experiential zones: Podravlje, Baranja, Osijek and Danube, and Đakovo region. Each experiential zone has its own slogan that has the ambition to define it in the shortest possible way. Thus, Baranja is the Pannonian joie de vivre, Đakovo – the Golden Embroidery of Culture and History, Osijek and the Danube – the city park of culture and entertainment, Podravlje – active and fun Podravlje. As key development projects of the private sector, the masterplan defines a golf resort, Slavonske dvore / Pannonian resort, health and wellness resort, two wine and wellness hotels, fisherman resort and glamping resort.Osijek, TvrđaPanoramic balloon Slavonia as a unique tourist attraction Key public sector projects are the Slavonia Panoramic Balloon, the Slavonia Interpretation and Visitor Center, the Urban Rehabilitation of the County’s Small Town Centers, the expansion of the Đakovo State Stud Farm, the improvement of river cruise infrastructure and the regional brown signaling system at the regional level.The masterplan envisages that Slavonski dvori / Pannonian resort will be located in an attractive location with an authentic Slavonian-Pannonian ambience and scenography, ie in an endless plain. Alternatively, the resort can be located along river banks or in less elevated locations overlooking the Pannonian plains and landscape. The wine hotel should be located within the vineyards or on a hill overlooking the vineyards. In other wine-growing regions, it is common practice for hotels to be located in vineyards.In case the Slavonia panoramic balloon project is realized, it would be a unique tourist attraction in the Republic of Croatia. Steel cables would raise and lower a balloon filled with helium, and a panoramic basket would have a capacity of 30 people.Author: Mario Jukićlast_img

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