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first_img…on sovereignty of people caseLooks like the “sovereignty case” that was just upheld by the Appellate Court is like a Rorschach Test for Guyanese politicians and their lackeys in the media. You know… that test that makes the subject look at an ink blot that was squeezed between the fold of the paper to form a random, but symmetrical shape – and has to say what he “sees”. It exposes what’s on people’s minds. For instance, what may look like an elephant’s trunk to some, may look like a penis to another.Right off the bat, the then APNU/AFC opposition and their media dubbed the case – when it first appeared in the High Court before Chief Justice Chang – as the “third term” case – even though who may run for the presidency included four categories. Your Eyewitness finds it rather tiresome to keep enumerating them, so he demurs. Obviously, these folks were so scared of Bharat Jagdeo they’d become paranoid and saw him under every bed! Even their bed!!Jagdeo wasn’t even involved with the constitutional challenge that insisted power to change the fundamental nature of the Constitution lies with the people. He was simply in one of the four categories of citizens that were excluded from running for the presidency – through application of the principle and thereby fundamentally restricted the people’s choice. The APNU/AFC combined and their media supporters just refused to see the constitutional forest – not just for the citizen trees – but only for the Jagdeo tree!And even though the Appellate Court once again identified the forest – there are some politicians who’re stubbornly stuck in the Jagdeo tree. Like ex-Speaker Ralph Ramkarran. Ramkarran, who comes up with the disingenuous assertion that the PPP’s against more than two terms for any Presidential candidate – because he carried that spear TWO DECADES ago. Even though he’s a Senior Counsel who’s supposed to be familiar with the fundamental constitutional issues, he avoids the wider gaze and hones in on the “two-term” aspect. Is he so bitter about Jagdeo he would undermine whatever legal credibility he’s earned over the years?But he’s too clever by half. He calls for a referendum to decide the issue – and forgets two things flow from his suggestion. If the Government goes down that path, it‘ll be accepting the republican nature of our Constitution runs so deeply, many other changes will be forthcoming to return “power to the people”!!Secondly, because of their own dubbing the issue as “third term”, any referendum on this constitutional issue becomes a referendum on Jagdeo.In this climate, he’ll win hands down!! All smart flies end up on……on SARA’s clear and present dangerAnother individual in the public space who stands in danger of undermining his credibility is Dr David Hinds, who has his support to the SARA Bill: “If I must make a choice between stamping out corruption and chasing away a few investments, I will choose the former. That is why I am squarely behind the SARA initiative. Despite some of the concerns, in the end the country benefits from the initiative.”But it’s not that simple, is it? Hinds dismisses criticisms of the powers given to SARA’s Director Clive Thomas as because while it’ll “hurt some of the economic and political elites, it will help the working classes of Guyana.” But it’s not as if Dr Hinds doesn’t know the elephant in the room. This was objected to not only by the PSC – who can be said to have some skin in the game – but by TIGI, GHRA as well!!They’re concerned the powers given to Thomas would exceed King Kong’s.Isn’t Dr Hinds?…Sectoral CommitteesGoolsarran wants the PAC to scrutinise “State agencies” more rigorously. But the PAC, by definition, investigates after any unruly horse would’ve bolted the stables.What’s with the Sectoral Committees? They’re supposed to scrutinise in real time.last_img

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